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    Storyline Signup: The Salvation of Planet Vegeta


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    Storyline Signup: The Salvation of Planet Vegeta

    Post by Melissia on Sat Oct 10, 2009 6:52 am

    Please post here if you are interested in joining this roleplay. Awards will be handed out on participation, perhaps slightly higher than normal (though not excessively so). Here is the roleplay's premise:
    A dark shadow is altering the timeline, to try and destroy history's most famous heroes before they have a chance to get strong. And they have managed to ensure that four great heroes of time will die prematurely. It was the darkest time in Saiyan history-- Frieza took control of their race, forced them to become evil and commit atrocities in his name, conquering the galaxy planet by planet. Such domination chafed against the warrior spirit of the Saiyans, and against some of the more good-aligned Saiyans such as the powerful Bardock and King Vegeta himself-- both of whom are frighting to the death to protect their sons, whom are on planet right now. King Vegeta and his Elites plotted to overthrow Frieza, exactly as Frieza was about to destroy them all anyway. A great deal of strange coincidences happened that day, but most importantly... history in this timeline was changed forever, as Bardock, Prince Vegeta, King Vegeta, and all the surviving Saiyans receive help from an unexpected source-- time travelers intent on saving the endangered Saiyan race from its inevitable doom, and ensuring that history does not lose is precious heroes!

    This roleplay will be taking place over October, November, and December, depending on how active people are.  Please do not participate as a major role unless you can be active enough to post once every other day (preferably once a day).  If you would like to reserve the right to roleplay an NPC, please post here on which one. People whom had roleplayed their canon characters in the past will be given preference to roleplay that character if they so choose to.  This is part of an ongoing storyline, and your actions will effect the "history" of this site's saga, as your characters attempt to fix the altered timeline and figure out the dark villain that is attempting to destroy the heroes through his altering of the timeline.
    Please post something like this:

    "I am signing up for this roleplay using my character Aleah Caea. I will be reserving the right to roleplay King Vegeta."

    Current Signups:

    • Melissia (Aleah Caea)

    Canon Character Signups:

    • Melissia (King Vegeta)

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    Re: Storyline Signup: The Salvation of Planet Vegeta

    Post by XaoJun on Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:51 pm

    i Guess ill sign up My new Char BloodSpear for this.

    Btw,i ask everyone to please read his bio. Thanks. runrunrun

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    Re: Storyline Signup: The Salvation of Planet Vegeta

    Post by Baki on Thu Oct 15, 2009 6:06 am

    i can join when i can but i dunno if its too late though

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    Re: Storyline Signup: The Salvation of Planet Vegeta

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