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    Rio, the Accursed Imp


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    Rio, the Accursed Imp

    Post by Rio on Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:21 pm


    Super Henka Beam: An ability which allows Rio to turn an entire city into candy! Once a month he may do a special RP, in which he eats a large area, for double the usual gains. *Pending Approval*


    Cosmic Collapse
    A technique in which the user first builds their ki, and then collects energy by twisting their inner universe. The combination of the two energys forms a large ki ball, which will grow quickly. As soon as it reachs it's full size, it will fire out two small blasts at a curve from each side. These blasts are very weak, but can serve as a distraction from the main attack. The user then throws the large energy ball into the target. Though powerful, the attack is far more taxing then a normal ki attack. It also requires an inner dimension, and so generally only majin and other magical creatures are capable of learning it.


    Rio's race completely lacks transformations.


    Rio's full background is unknown, most of his history has only been documented from what he's said personally. He claims to be a personification of a force similar to ki, but obeying slightly different laws. According to Rio, the abilities of Majins tap into this, however most wizards consider this complete and utter garbage. Some guess he simply is a majin with delusions, or some other sort of magical creature. His real goal is simple; eat everyone. To be the only creature in the universe, having gobbled up everyone else. However he is not actively persuing this at the moment, and more often simply has fun traveling the worlds.


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