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    Cell dragon


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    Name: Cell Dragon
    Race: Android
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    Cell dragon

    Post by celldragon on Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:17 pm

    Apppearence: The looks are just like cell, he is much bigger, its like cell/and a huge dragon combined. His huge tail does NOT stick out when hes in his orginal form, but as soon as he goes in his 2nd form his tail extennds to absorbe his enemies. Spikes stick out his knee's,back and head , that can kill off his enimies instantley if it pierces them. His red beady eyes stick out his head, his vision is x10 better than an ordinary human's. The bad thing of his body is his huge muscels, this slowls him down greatly, but he still is pretty fast.

    life: As a child celldrgon was just a puny cocoon, but later in life he ripped threw his coocon, absorbing everything in his way, if he didnt do that he would have a powerlevel of about a half, not even one. All his life is about absorbing his enimies, celldragon tries not to do alot, but if his oppoenent is winning he is forced to use it too authority his opponent. Celldragon is not a bad guy at all, he only absorbes enimies, if its for savings someones life or even just fighting an oppoenent.


    Orginal Transformation: Tail is not exposed, but his muscels bulge out of his green skin. Not really strong, but he can be if you make him angry

    Required PL


    Phase one: His tail extends out of his green body, sucking up his opponents to go to phase 2.

    +500 PL

    Required PL:


    Phase two: His tail gets shorter, as its useless now to absorbe people, now, he is very strong at this rate

    +1000 pl

    Required PL:
    12,000 PL

    Final form!: He goes back to his orginal form, but this tricks his oponnents, once he goes back to his normal form his strength his unbelivevabley powerfull.

    All techniques are useable

    Required PL:
    15,000 pl

    sorry no pic xD

    Tail suck up
    Does: This sucks up his oppoenents with his tail, making them going deeper inside of him, taking theor energy.
    Effect: It rasises my pl by the opponents pl, which is a very big change.
    Requuired Transformation: Phase one, Phase two

    Tail Razor
    Does: A razor goes over his tail, using it as a switch blade to slice up his opponents.
    Effect: After this is done celldragons tail is unusable for the next five post.
    required Transformation: Phase one,Phase two, final form,original



    Does: The spikes on his body peirce through his oppoenents body, relasing posion sometimes. The posion knocks the oppoenent out, so the oppoenent is absorbable
    Effect: He gets very weak after realisng the posion.
    required transformation: Original=no posion,phase one=no posion,phase two=posion, Fianl phase=fatal posion.

    Sword Dragon
    does: A dragon comes out f th sword, after swiping the sword as fast and strong as he can. The dragon comes roaring out his sword, pounding against his enemy. Its just like dragonfist but it comes from his sword.
    Effect: The opponenet gets pounded against the dragon, like a huge punch from god.
    Required transforamtion: ALL

    **note: for all the people he absorbes he gets plus thier pl
    Once the transformation is lost, the gain of his pl is also gone

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    Re: Cell dragon

    Post by TheRealZX on Thu Dec 24, 2009 2:41 pm

    Okay that seems good. Transformations approved.

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