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    Rules of Next Dimension


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    Rules of Next Dimension

    Post by TheRealZX on Thu Dec 24, 2009 7:50 pm

    When your character faces death,
    You respawn at King Yemma's Check in Station
    - King Yemma will appoint you to where you go depending on your alignment.

    If you have a negative number of alignment..you go to Hell/H.F.I.L
    - You are able to do the available quests there

    If you have a neutral/positive number of alignment, you can travel on the Path of Snakeway
    - This will lead you to King Kai's planet, where after doing his training he may teleport/send you to three different places.
    • Supreme Kai's Planet - Learn the way of the mystic
    • Grand Kai's Planet - Do available quests, or participate in other world tournament.
    • Be Resurrected by King Kai

    Yes, if you die a second time you have to travel all the way on snake way again and to king kai's planet. Role play it out. Even if you have to do over and over again. That's what sucks about dying.

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