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    [Grand Kai's Planet] Treasures in a Cave


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    [Grand Kai's Planet] Treasures in a Cave

    Post by TheRealZX on Thu Dec 24, 2009 8:16 pm

    Must have completed "Deep Forests" quest.

    Quest Overview: Olibu seems to have made it to the cave quicker than you did, and he is waiting for you to arrive at the entrance. He implies that he took a "shortcut" and in order for you to see the vast treasures in the cave, you must fight him to prove your worth. He has a base pl of 30,000(spare him). If you have beaten Olibu, he will open the door of cave and lead you in to another sealed entrance. Think of a way to blow the door open, and inside will be vast treasures such as pendants and karate gis.
    Rewards: +5000 PL,
    [Rare] Dragon's Pendant - Worth a lot of zennie.
    [Ultra-Rare] Crystal O-Yoroi: The crystals in this armor make your energy attacks stronger.

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