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    Davion Base


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    Davion Base

    Post by rileydakid on Thu Dec 31, 2009 5:37 pm

    Character you wish to be(name): Davion Base

    Characters Gender: Male

    Character's Race: Sarahian

    Character's appearance:

    Age: 14

    Aura Color: Gold/Blue

    Height: 5'3

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Silver

    Characters Techniques:

    Rath Of Havoc
    This move was passed down from genoration to genoration by the Havocian people. The user must charge his power to half way full. The user rushes the enemy and uses intsant transmission to teleport behind the enemy. They take there swork and slashes one before kick the enemy in to the air. When in the air the user one again uses instant transimission to the enemy and slash rapidly before kicking there enemy down to the ground.

    A very powerful blast the come from Davions hands. Davion himself created this attack him self. It's simualr to a kame wave but it's a white wave that destorys everything in its path.

    Planet you want to start on: Sarah

    Characters story:
    Davion Base is a very lonely yound man. He lives on the rought streets of the Country Havoc on the planet Sarah. He never known his parents, brothers, sisters or any other reletaves. The closest thing to a brother is his best friend Lawrence Marauders. Davion was train by Trunks. Trunks took Davion in at around 5 and began to train him he's been a master swordman ever since.

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