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    Anari Gami (WIP)



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    Anari Gami (WIP)

    Post by †Anari† on Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:02 pm

    Character you wish to be(name):
    Anari Gami

    Characters Gender:

    Character's Race:
    Elemental Being (Custom race)


    Character's appearance (image):



    1m 74cm

    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:

    Side Note:
    Anari has identical tattoos on both shoulders. They both represent fire.

    Characters Techniques:

    Blazing Disc:
    Anari shoots discs out of his hands. The sole purpose of this offensive attack is to inflict agonising pain to the opponent. As the disc slices through your skin, the flames surrounding it burn the sides of the wound. Wounds made by this attack will never recover.

    Inferno Powerhouse: Anari flies towards his opponent while setting his hands on fire. He then hits them at extreme speed. This move is ussualy finished by a kick to the guts that sends the opponent flying.

    Bullfist: This attack can only be used when Anari is filled with anger. Flames will surround one of his fist and take the form of a raging bull. He then hits his opponent at vital spots with this attack.

    Blazing Bazooka: Anari shoots multiple small firebolts to his his opponent, before surrounding his entire body with flames. He then shoots these flames off in one shot.

    Burning Assault: Anari covers himself in flames before launching himself towards his opponent, if he misses he will just use his legs against an object to launch himself towards the opponent once more.

    Hidden Power: Anari charges an energy sphere around his body and fires a large energy wave while flying towards the opponent.

    Planet you want to start on:


    Characters story:

    The night of Anari’s birth was anything but cheerful. The weather certainly saw to that, the rain caused the depths of night to be even greater. As well as the misfortunate weather, Anari’s parents suffered immensely when they were plunged out of their comfortable home environment and into the darkness of a cave just outside of Town. They were trapped with a few other people, but none of the other guests had any sort of medical training.

    Anari’s mother was pregnant, and there was nothing his father could do but let the pregnancy occur in the insufficient shelter of the cave in which they had become trapped. The small baby that was Anari was born into the cave, on that dark stormy night.

    It only took a few hours for Anari’s dad and a few other strangers to escape from the cave while Anari’s mother cradled her new born child. The mother and child were rushed to the nearest hospital through the darkness and howling wind. The pair was seen to immediately by a doctor, and a midwife. Luckily for the family of three Anari didn’t have a scratch on him, and although the pregnancy had occurred in a cave, everything had gone as if it were in a sanitized hospital bed. The nurses recognized Anari as a ‘real warrior’ with the will to live, and his parents chose to name him accordingly, as Anari.

    It was a tragedy for the two day old Anari and his father when Anari’s mother died two days after giving birth. Through the boy’s entire life, he never had a chance to know her, and never received a scrap of motherly affection.

    Anari and his father were good companions for nine years, the Father taught his son everything he needed to know at a young age. For it were his beliefs to train children to look after themselves. It was lucky for Anari that his father had such morals, as it was during his ninth year that the cold cruel metal of a bullet took Alexander’s father away.

    Living in fear of his father’s memory, and death Anari survived for two years by himself in their family house. When he was eleven however, his curiosity couldn’t be contained. He finally entered his father’s room. To Anari, it was a step into his adult life. Because in his father’s room he found across a pair of goggles, with a note on top
    "This if for you my son, wear it with pride, and don't let anyone take that pride away from you".

    It was in later years that Anari figured that his father knew the attack on his life was coming. However much it pained Anari to know the truth, he would not let the memory of his father be ruined. He was raised to be self reliant and it is that which he is truly thankful for.

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