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Dragonball's Never Ending Saga!
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- No Character Registration. Once your logged in, you can start playing. All character information are stored in your profile--we also have a section for extended bios.
- Reaction-based rping, we dont care how much you write--we give credit on your actions and reactions.
- Simple, and Organized.

Fans of DBZ bring you, a laid back free style rpg. In depth role playing is never required.

    Quest Idea


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    Quest Idea

    Post by Xaryn on Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:23 pm

    [Earth] A Little Cash Goes A Long Way

    What would you do for money?

    Quest Objective: For 2,000 zennie, a man has anonymously asked you to trash a martial art's clubs place. Either find out who the man was and tell the martial arts club or trash the place as instructed.

    Requirements: 20,000 PL


    If You Trash The Club:
      2,000 z
      4,000 PL
      -3 Alignment

    If You Inform The Club:
      1,000 z
      +7 Alignment

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