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    Quest Idea


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    Quest Idea

    Post by Xaryn on Wed Jan 06, 2010 5:39 pm

    [Vegeta] Prove Your Worth

    Sometimes, value is conveyed in a different sort of currency...

    Quest Objective: As is customary in Saiyan life, you approached an elite with a request for him to teach you a skill. The elite declined, saying that despite your status, you must prove your worth to him. He did not specify how... Find a way to do so, so you may learn a skill from him.

      5,000 PL

      ~PL Varies Upon Manner In Which You Prove Your Worth (Discretion of Grader)~
      Unlock "[Vegeta] Big Bang Cannon" Quest


    [Vegeta] Big Bang Cannon

    Though cold amongst others, the Saiyans are often friendly with their own kind. Some Saiyans even show compassion. This doesn't apply to all of them but it does to a lot of them.?

    Quest Objective: Several days ago, you approached a Saiyan elite with a request for him to teach you a skill, as is customary among Saiyans. After you proved your worth to him, he agreed to teach you the Big Bang Cannon. Learn the skill from his teachings.

      Completed "[Vegeta] Prove Your Worth" Quest
      15,000 PL

      1,000 PL
      Big Bang Cannon Ability

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