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    Dakon, Konatsu Warrior.


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    Dakon, Konatsu Warrior.

    Post by Dakon on Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:14 pm

    Name:Dakon Deius
    Home Planet:Konats
    Current Planet:Earth

    History:Dakon grew up on Konats, the konatsu home planet. He was born into a simple family, living on noble lands. He secretly took to the sword at a young age and tried to hide this. He trained in secret, when he wasn't working with his father on their farm. He learned to control ki and learned several simple konatsu sword techniques. He was found out at the age of sixteen though. After some heavy questioning by his parents, he was let of the hook on one condition.

    He had to join their ruling noble family's military. This was not unacceptable to him, so he accepted. Two years he spent training, hiding his massive potential from the instructors. Trying to lay low and stay in 'boot camp' as long as possible. Again though, he was found. Once they saw he had mastered the sword and several techniques, he was pressed to the position of a squad leader. He had, unexpectedly, been given what he rally wanted. To test his battle skill with other opponents of the field of battle.

    His new position was not to be without hardship though, and he quickly learned that. His squad was rarely used and they weren't up to typical soldier standards. They were what was called a 'back squad'. A platoon that stayed in the back and tried to simply survive the battles they were thrown into. He whipped them into shape with a grueling, potentially lethal training program he thought up himself. This garnered him both fear and respect among his soldiers. They had their first battle very close to completing training.

    They cleaned up. They fought and defended with all their might, knowing that their families were what they fought for...Drove them on even more. They had shown, in a remarkably short amount of time, that they were true soldiers. They had given their enemies something to fear but also something to aspire to. They'd become better soldiers than most other konatsu.

    Still young, Dakon still hungered to see more. Experience more. He wanted to go to a new place and fight new battle in the name of justice and defense. He had heard of a planet called earth. Heard that the great warrior Tapion went there. He was ready to go there as well. Konats new hero would find his true destiny on a different planet. He took all his true possessions and money, bought a ship, and set course...For Earth.

    Ki ball
    Charged energy beam
    Ki slash
    Dragon slash
    Twin dragon slash
    Tiger spirit(transformation)
    Darkness Dragon Slash(Finisher.)
    Ki Slash Wave

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