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    Jr. saiyan warriors


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    Scouter Reading
    Name: Alpha
    Race: Saiyan
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    Jr. saiyan warriors

    Post by Alpha on Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:35 pm

    Alliance Name:Junior Saiya-Jin Warriors
    Description: to get stronger then the adult saiya-jin warriors are symbol

    [img]Junior Saiyans Symbol[/img]

    History: none
    Alliance Ranks:Elite Junior Saiyan: Alpha
    Normal Junior Saiyan:
    Low-Class Junior Saiyan:
    Alliance Members:Alpha
    Leader's Orders: Get Stronger then any other adult fighters in the universe and be the greatest warrior race alive

    you need to be a saiyan to join and under the age of 18 when in character of course your scouter reading tab has a age thiing were you put age if you want to change it to join

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