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    [Earth] Dr. Brief's Request


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    [Earth] Dr. Brief's Request Empty [Earth] Dr. Brief's Request

    Post by admin on Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:22 am

    Must have completed "Running Errands" quest.

    Quest Overview: Dr. Briefs has entrusted you to buying groceries and now has the last test to prove and earn his trust. What you must do is visit Bulma, ask for a certain robotic part to fit Dr. Brief's project. It seems bulma is missing a few materials the part and needs you to retrieve some extra materials from Planet MKII. She lends you a spaceship for you to fly there and scavenge for the electronic parts. After your done, give it back to bulma to build and give the robotic part to Dr. Briefs.
    Rewards: +8000 Zennie, Gaining access to Capsule Corp and it's facilties such as gravity rooms[You will get a blue key card accessing to Capsule Corp entrances and exits]

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