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    Baki Ookami


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    Name: Baki Ookami
    Race: Saiyan
    Powerlevel: 69,750

    Baki Ookami

    Post by Baki on Wed Aug 12, 2009 8:28 am

    name: Baki Ookami
    age: 19
    race: full sayian
    history:baki was born on planet vegita like any other sayian who was born. however he was destined to become a elite. his power levels were enourmous when he was a child and at the age of 2 was sent to a planet named earth to destroy it and kill all the humans. however baki was still too young to understand and didnt begin his mission. he was raised by a old couple who couldn't have children of their own and raised baki as their own. baki grew to become a strong boy until one day during a full moon at a school dance baki became a oozaru and killed many students and friends. baki became so enraged of what he done he ran away from home and trained with master roshi who taught him the kamehameha and raised his strengh and speed tremndously. he trained under him until the age of 18 when he was attacked by a sayian claiming that baki was ment to destroy earth. baki killed the sayian but baki felt guilt over having to kill the sayian. feeling that he will kill anything around him baki fled once agian and now considers himself protector of earth and wil fight any evil threatening to destroy his beloved planet.

    RP sample: (taken form my site)
    GAGgggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh" baki focused his ki energy around him in the intense dessert heat it was already a test of will already. This was only to improve baki's endurance and to get a good workout in. baki felt he flew enough away from the city to get enough privacy. However there's alway the chance of people flying overhead. Baki could feel the sand rise up around his ki as he focuses intensley on his ki. Must keep going..... baki thought as his body was pulsing with energy. he sent a barrage of ki blasts into the sky trying to increase his count on his amount of ki blasts given in a time. He counted each one in his head while they escaped from his hand. 86,87,88,89 ....90! baki counted. He felt the sweat of the heat and the energy output exhaust him. " A new record" he said aloud with a smirk. He wiped some sweat from his eyebrow "90 blasts in 25 seconds" he said he could feel dryness in his throat and urged for something to drink but held the thirst in. Not good enough he thought "HAAAAAA" he let loose a fury of even smaller blasts from before that were obvoisly weaker but faster fly from his palms pushing one after another counting agian in his head 20 seconds already past after this 80.....81.......82.....83......84....85...d**n. baki could feel more than hlafway drained now and he needed enough ki in his body to fly home. No he thought i've almost reached one hundered i will nt go home now. baki roared with energy bringing all his ki forward not letting himself control his blasts letting normal blasts fly form his hands into the air in random directions as he countinued counting agian....90..91..92...93...94..95..96..97..98.....99...... baki needed another one and he felt he should finish it with a good powerful blast. "ONE HUNDRED!!!!!!" he roared as he let out a i blast larger than normal shot into the air leaving baki nearly drained of all his energy now deciding to sit down in the shade of a nearby canyon. he flew to the side of the canyon a leaned agianst the hard, dense rock, his skin was covered in salty sweat and leaning aginast the rock that ha seen the sun's surface all day wasnt good for his skin which was getting burned just by touching the heated rock. baki ignored the discomfort not allowing it to bother him as he rested in te shade of the canyon. he rested his eyes when he felt a cold hand shake him awake.

    moves: i'll like to have the kamehameha, destructo disk, and a custom move i'll like to have

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