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    Enter The Evil Bardock!

    Miyamoto Musashi

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    Enter The Evil Bardock!

    Post by Miyamoto Musashi on Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:10 pm

    Bardock could only watch as friezas giant Death Beam raced his way. Growing all the more powerful Friezas blast was as it consumed its own men. Men that would have died for their leader. It made Bardock furious, the good side of him at least. The bad side on the other hand, he knew he had it comming. Friezas Death Beam cam near to centemeters from hitting the great sayian warrior until he snapped. All his anger all his rage and most of all all of his love for the son he will never get to see. It hit him and Bardock met the blast with his own destructive force to do what.. Hold it back.. something.. anything!. Well it wasn't working Bardocks blast just ripped the bllast in half causing his own Physical body to rip in half straight down the middle, but something miraculous happened and all the energy involved not only made the man rip in hald but also began to refom his body bardock than split into two and one energy beam sent his Evil half flying out into space and his other half flying twoard the planet friezas ship was facing. This was the last anyone ever heard of the great sayian warrior.

    Bardock drifted in space for days with whatever energy he had left people can only assume it provided a protective barrier long enough for him to meet his fate. Or for his discoverers to meet their own fate.

    "Roger 149 we have an unidentified corpse floating past our carrier. We are going to attempt to retrieve. Over" the pilot said over the com link. "Roger, Proceede with caution" a brief reply came. The hangar bay doors opened and a toe beam pulled in the limp body.
    "Let's get a medic team fast over hear" The battle torn seargent screamed as he walked over to their new visiter.But before he could even get close enough the man began to moan, and than slowly began to stand up and regain his composure. "Impossible, Bloody impossible." The soldier said. "Men! Proceed with caution" The first medical doctor stepped over and started talking to the man asking him if he was okay anything he could do when suddenyl Bardock snapped.

    The sayian started laughing a laugh that was.. wrong. Bardock dashed in his furious laugh dance and grapped the medical doctor by his face and hurled him at the stunned commanding officer. Then he continued an ounslaught of ripping heads off and shooting laser beams at completely unarmed guards. "Take no prisoners." Bardock said to himself. I spent all my life doing another mans dirty work. Now its my time to benefit from the universe.

    After Bardock completely cleared the ships of any life forms he piled all the bodies into the cargo bay and dumped them all out into space. "Ha! Now that's what I call evening the odds." (Corny moment) What's next for this warrior well I think we all know. "Now its my turn to become the strongest in the universe! I won't stop at nothin, no matter how many dudes u put me in front of ima rock you.weather it takes me to find the dragon balls or kill all the worlds elite I WILL BE THE GREATEST EVER!"

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