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    Ancient Namekian



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    Ancient Namekian

    Post by Joker on Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:02 pm

    As he awakens in the ice caves on the Changeling Planet he comes to from his great slumber. Opening his eyes they glow bright red. He begins to flex his muscles in the freezing ice. He then cleches his fists he brings his arms up breaking through the thining ice. After breaking his legs free he breathes the frozen air breathing it back out. He murmers "Revenge..."

    Stepping out of the Cave he is caught in a on of the very frequent blizzards that strike the planet. Coming across a Changeling Armada base he appears through the blizzard as a dark figure in the snow. As an Alien Guard patrolling notices this person he Begins to shout "Announce your Name at Ounce!". Stepping Foward to the Alien guard he slowly looks him in the eye. The Alien recognizing his green skin even in such weather attempts to reach his hand in the air to try to set off a flare using ki energy.

    His hand is quickly caught by Ahuitzols hand as he grabs him by the arm he sqeezees it tight putting immense amounts of force on it. He shoots a dark purple blast of energy blowing off the arm of the Alien. The Alien guard falls to his knees from the pain he grasps his bloody arm. He looks up knowing his fate he silently says "Kill me". Ahuitzol brings his knee forward to the skull of the alien giving him a severe concussion which he will later die from.

    Leaving him to freeze off and be forgotten he beigns to infiltrate the facility in hopes of finding a pilotable ship or atleast a space pod.

    He walks through the base with ease killing all who come in his path. He walks past a inventory room he lifts his hands up and busts through the lock. As he grazes through the stock he comes across a snow jacket,a scouter,and some five pound weights all of which he takes and occupies now leaving the room he makes it to the end of the hall where he finds a large stock of space pods at star ships. Entering one a loud knows is heard through the ship an alarm has rang off signaling the lauch of a space pod.

    Coming down the hall is a Changeling officer who fires a Death Beam at the ship frying the circuts. Just when he was about to leave his plans have been foiled again. He thrusts his foot at the door breaking the pod open He opens his mouth shooting a grin at him as the grin would turn into a shocking death stare and he flashes his fangs at him. Leaping on him he beats his fist on the top of his head he flings him throwing him from the horns.

    After dusting his back off he activates another pod leaving the planet and heading for a suttle place where he can plot and decide the fate not just of the inhabitants of the Planet Earth but the Universe itself.

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