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    Introduction: Karma's eyes flashed open at the sound of her mothers voice calling her from downstairs. It still shocked her that her mothers voice was strong enough to ring through the huge building of capsule corporation and reach every room. She yawned and flew the covers backwards, swung her feet off the end of the bed and touched down to the floor, feeling the cold surface under her and she sighed. Karma eyed the closed door that led to the hallway and then flashed a glance at her closet, walking to it dully and pulling out the usual; A black short skirt and a white tanktop and black converse sneakers. Karma turned to the mirror and brushed through her light purple hair quickly, tossed the brush on the floor and jogged to the door, swinging it open and darting down the stairs. She turned into the living room, seeing the T.V on to the News channel. Her brother Trunks was on the floor, leaning on his elbows, Her sister Bulla wasnt paying much attention to the TV and was on the couch typing on a laptop that looked relatively new. She glanced around the room, not seeing Vegeta but noticing her mother Bulma right away. Bulma was on a phone talking in a deep conversation to someone in nearly a whisper. Karma approached her with a puzzled face.
    "Mom, whats going on?" Karma asked, not caring about who was on the other end of the phone.
    "Hold on one moment Goku," Bulma said and then put the phone on her shoulder,
    "Look on the TV." She said in a worried tone quickly to Karma and then went back to talking. Karma turned and gripped the back of the couch, leaning forward and narrowing her eyes at the television set. It was a man, a reporter obviously, standing on the edge of a city...or what looked like it had been a city. The City was shrouded in flame and smoke, screaming could be heard in the background.
    "Coriel City is under attack, repeat, Coriel City is under attack. The Androids have struck for the second time today, wiping out everyone in their path. We are sending out people to try and stop the current killings, but so far all hope seems lost. Im not sure how we can-" The reporters voice was interuppted by a huge explosion beind him, watching the giant cloud of smoke speed towards the back of him and then quickly cover him completely, then running into the camera man. Suddenly the screen changed to 'Technical diffuculties' sign. My mouth dropped.
    "The androids...are attacking?" I asked in disbelief, looking down at Trunks, He looked back at me with a serious expression and nodded once. I felt my stomach drop.

    Family: Karma is the second daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, her sister being Bulla and her brother being Trunks. Her time period takes place in a time after DragonBall GT when the androids have turned evil again.

    History: Karma was born in a time of peace, growing to be 17 years old until peril strikes again when she has to prove the skills she has learned in the small times of training.

    Appearence: Karma has long light purple hair like Trunks and usually wears a black skirt and a white tank-top and black converse sneakers. She gets most of her traits from her mother except she has her fathers personality. (Just a quick sketch I tried)

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