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    [Vegeta]Saiyan Traing Methods re-done


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    [Vegeta]Saiyan Traing Methods re-done

    Post by .LEGEND on Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:38 pm

    Quest Overview:This is the extremely harsh Saiyan training methods, you go out and train to your max, No matter what you can't stop until your near death.

    Quest 1: The poison inside you.
    A test of speed of course, you will be injected with a dragon's posion which kills you in under 10 minutes. Hope you can run a minute in a mile and catch the cure, it's going to be in a camp north of you're position just run straight ahead, OH don't worry about the Dinosaurs their they're completely harmless *Evil Grin* No but seriously they'll kill you if you don't kill them. There's no need for you if you can't fight...
    3,000 PL.

    Quest 2:Thousand Pounds on your back.
    Get in the gravity chamber on the highest setting and fight your sparring partner who is already adjusted don't worry He'll take it easy. Beat him or lose either way put up a fight and you'll advance just make sure you clean up after words.
    Reward: 5,000

    Quest 3: What happens on V-egeta?
    Wake up! You were abandoned in a deserted area without food and water. Survive in any way...just no eating your friends. Survive or escape back to the barracks but make sure you all survive there's enough of animals for you! After that, welcome to the saiyan army my friend!

    Rewards: 10,000 PL Access to the Saiyan's Military Base and gravity room plus other training facilities. [You will get a red key card in order to access to entrances and exits]

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