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    [Earth] Retrieve the Survivors


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    [Earth] Retrieve the Survivors Empty [Earth] Retrieve the Survivors

    Post by admin on Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:42 pm

    (got this idea from combat arms and I think it would be cool to apply it here.)
    Quest Overview: In military grounds, there happened to be an infected soldier slowly going around and infecting humans. Your job is to recruit every single surviving human and stay alive in the interiors of the military base. A sergeant was ordered to set a timing bomb to blow up the whole area and the infections as soon as every human escapes but accidentally turns it on now. Watch out for the infections, stay alive, get the humans out of the base, you have 30 minutes before it blows up.
    Must have a PL of 10,000
    Reward: +9,500z, +2,000 PL, +20 alignment

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