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    Prince Vegetto


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    Name: Prince Vegetto
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    Prince Vegetto

    Post by Vegetto on Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:12 am

    Name: Prince Vegetto

    Age: 35

    Bio: Vegetto is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta. Vegeta being the dominant personality in this fusion, Vegetto is more cocky and arrogant which can cause him to be overconfident in his battles. But having Vegetas personality also enables him to be more stubborn and prideful in the battles. Gokus personality shows in the way Vegetto toys and goofs around with his opponents. Together as one they form the mighty Prince of Fusion. He was formed in the Buu Saga to destroy buu but got cocky and was swallowed by Buu. But Vegetto has returned as one mighty being and continues his search for the strongest fighter. He uses combined attacks such as Final Kamehameha, and Big Bang Kamehameha, He also uses his Spirit Sword to slice enemies in half , also uses Five Finger Blast. Vegetto is arguably the strongest character in DBZ.


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