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    Name: Armada
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    Post by gotron228 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:49 am

    Name: Armada

    Age: 18

    PL: On the date this post was made 1,000

    Personality: Armada is very shy and reckless he doesn't care for other peoples feelings and has never learned to love anyone this can be hard for him. But sometimes armada does do good without realizing it because he never notices his own actions this can sometimes lead him to trouble if he isn't careful.

    History: When Armada was born he had a rare Namekian disease he grew up in his room in a bed not having ever known any type of love except the care of his Parent and big Brother. As he grew older he started to deteriorate and his parents didn't know what to do. He just kept getting sicker and sicker and needed more doctors and care than ever before at 12 he was told he would die in a few more months this made his parents sad which led to his Parentss suicide. His big Brother was then sad and angry and was told that the Elder Guru could fix him if she acted fast. She then took him to Guru. Guru had only once ever seen something like this before and he knew how to fix it. With a period of a month Armada was back to normal health and had thanked Guru ever since. Armada then grew up leading a healthy life. He decided to then train with his big brother and under the influence of the Elder Guru. Guru thought because of armada missing out on growing up with his strength he should train him to be wiser and faster, this way armada can outrun and outsmart his opponents while they're usually stronger. Armada then completed his training with Guru. Guru had covered everything How to shoot Ki from your Mouth, Feet and Hands, Powering up, Intellect and speed. Once armada turned 18 Guru had told Armada he had taught him everything. But to complete his training he must live on Planet Earth to live like an earthling, develop their feelings, learn right from wrong and to study and train under them. Guru then gave him to sensu beans he had collected over the years and Armada then departed to earth. Months Later Armada landed on Planet earth and ever since he has been living on Planet Earth.

    Smarter Than Normal: Guru had taught him almost everything he knew about fighting and living a normal life.

    Faster Than Norma: Because of his low strength Guru taught him in speed so he could outrun slow and strong fighters.

    Cannot Fly: Because of his disease he had never known how to fly but he must later learn how to fly.

    not Very strong: also because of his disease it was to late to learn and use his strength, this is why Guru trained him in speed.

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