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    Arashi the lonely warrior


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    Arashi the lonely warrior

    Post by xARASHIx on Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:59 pm

    Arashi was born in a small poor village to the far east of Satan city. Arashi's dream is to be the strongest in the entire world, with this goal in mind Arashi trained with his father everyday untill they both were the strongest people in their whole village( at this time arashi was only seven years old). One dreadful day a group of bandits attacked the small village, killing everyone in sight with absolutly no remorse. In a brave attempt to save his people from the evil bandits Arashi's father bravely dove into a battle with the bandits...Arashi wanted to join his dad in battle but was held back by his mother. One of the bandits approached the two and tried to kidnapp Arashi's mom...when she snatch her hand away from the bandit he killed her with one swing of his blade.......After witnessing his mother die right before his eyes Arashi exploded with anger an rushed the bandit with a fury of wild punches. The attack KOed the bandit then Arashi picked up the sword used to murder his mother and drove it into the chest of the bandit....after a long battle with the bandits Arashi's father win the fight but at the cost of all the people in his village....all but Arashi.....the wounded warrior slowly walks to his son and says........."never foget your dreams my son" with those last words the warrior falls at the feet of Arashi.....now alone with no family or friends the young fighter walks into to the wilderness wielded with nothing but the sword used to kill his mother, the clothes on his back and the dying words of his fallen hero....

    9yrs later he still dreams of being the strongest in the world

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