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    Name: Jawaii
    Race: Namek
    Powerlevel: 1,380,040


    Post by Jawaii on Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:31 pm

    Name: Jawaii
    Race: Namekian
    Birth Place: Namek
    Birth Date: 12/01/??
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 230
    Figthing Style: Akido/Ninjutsus

    Namek is one of the most peaceful planets in the universe. Namekians also minding there own business farming taking care of their children. But there was one Namek with the name Raiju. Everyone in Namek knew who he was. Raiju would destory towns in Namek every chance he got. With his high powerlevel that out matched most of the other Namekians no one could stop him at least till he meet Kessen. The battle begins...

    Raiju looks around and notices that most of the town was destoryed and the population hitting at 1. The one man left in this town was Kessen his rival and brother. His hands forming into a fist he stars down his brother. Sweat drizzles down his face as a gentle winds changes into a more rough one. Raiju takes a step to the left his black cloak on his shoulder dragging off the cold brown dirt of Namek following him. He had no shirt on but white Namekian Pants and brown Namekian shoes. His brother Kessen had on a red cloak and a black Vest around his chest. His pants were black and his shoes where brown.

    Both Raiju and Kessen body size and shape was the same and they both had a "I'm going to end this" kind of expressio. Raiju takes another step to the left and jolts toward Kessen. Kessen knewing it was coming steps to his right quickly leaving a dirt trail. Raiju misses on the first swing then a few after that. Kessen continues to evade Raiju attacks sensing it getting him ticked. "Stay still!!" Yells Raiju as he finally connect a knee to the gut and then a round house kick to the back of the head sending Kessen to forms a small crater where his face hits the ground. Slowly Kessen stands back onto his feet as he pulls back his arms to his sides and Starts to yell his Powerlevel raising. 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000!! Raiju eyes widen as he quickly thrusts his hands out sending Ki blast after Ki blast at Kessen it having no effect on his brother.."This is where it ends brother.." Kessn burst off the ground of namek into the air soaring at incredible speed thrusting both his arms out over his head and connecting into Raiju stomach sending him flying into the air to soon later smash into a Medium height Hill. Kessen does not give Raiju much time to recover as soon as Raiju gets up Kessen soars over then and connects with a upper cut to Raiju jaw sending him into the air. Kessn flys around behind Raiju to then drop kick him in the back sending him to smack the ground hard enough to knock him on out cold. Kessen not letting Raiju get away this time he drops to the floor and drops his Powerlevel to 250. Kessen Runs over to Raiju and takes out a bright green liquid and forces it down Raiju throat. Kessen smiles and take a deep breathe. He looks down at his brother in pain and suffering. he grabs His brother by the collar of his cloak and picks him up. There is a small pod near by and Kessen tosse shim into it. soon after he hits the button to Earth. and in a flash of an eye the pod races off into the stars.

    1 year later
    Raiju lands on earth by crashing into a farm. A Man and his wife named Richard and Terrie storms out there to see what was making all the noise. What they found was a babie Namekian. The potion for some reason it aged Raiju and made him a babie again losing all his memories and abilitys also his Powerlevel. The Family take him in and raises him to be a good child he grows well but never really had any friends well cause he is green. He made friends with the farm animal and some boy name Dylan they were best friends and still are today. The family ended up changing Raiju name to Jawaii . 17 years pass and Jawaii regain a lot of his Powerlevel and trains everyday to become a fighter in the World Tournament. His friend Dylan is a worker there and does not fight. Jawaii has a new life now..but the question is..will he remember his past?

    Custom Powers

    X Factor- Is a very powerful attack where the user Forms a blue Ki blast in his left hand while a green one is in his right. the user power's up to his max at this point and forms the two ki blast together making a large form of Ki energy in the users palms when releasing the attack it's in the same form of Kamehameha but the hands are turned side ways like when Vegeta uses Final Flash. The power is very effective and if connects it can hurt a lot unless they do something to reduce the damage.

    Side effects
    -drains a lot of your ki
    -are very tired at the end.
    -after use of X Factor you cannot use anymore Ki attacks (ex Ki blast, Kamehameha, ect.) you can still punch and kick and stuff..

    Twisted Memories: Jawaii unlocks this attack from when he is blind sided by Revan in a battle. The anger of his own Member attacking him drives him into unlocking a attack he has not used since he was named Raiju. The attack is a high damage attack if hit by it. Jawaii can only use this when brought into rage other wise Jawaii cannot use it cause of his good nature.

    After effect's Jawaii cannot use the power again only once per battle.
    Jawaiis Power lvl is Divided by two and stays at that lowered Powerlevel for 5 turns.

    Dragon Wave: Is a attack Jawaii uses on Clyde in a epic battle that happens in West City. The user only uses one hand and forms energy into his right hand that is gold and orange. The attack is a lot like Goku's Kamehameha and Vegeta's Galik Gun the damage wise anyways. this attack will also leave Jawaii or the user drain of energy to where it takes some time to recover.

    Pressure Point Attack:
    The Pressure Point Attack (Kanashibari no Jutsu) is a technique which, by touching certain pressure points on an opponent's body, can incite effects such as paralysis. Master Roshi is among its few recognized users.


    Kyodaika-Nameks are capable of growing 30x their size
    Gains: X1.5 Maximum PL
    Drawbacks- Because of your larger speed you move slightly slower then normal and are left much more open when you move.
    Duration- As Long as the User pleases.

    Super Namek: An improved version of a namekian, said to be the power of two strong namekians combined. In this version, nameks have the ability to quadruple their strengths. A strong essence of aura will expose from the body. PL 600,000
    Gains: X2.5 Maximum PL
    Drawbacks- Until a PL of 800,000 after use the user will be exhausted
    Duration- Until a PL of 800,000 lasts 4 posts. After 800,000 lasts for as long as the user pleases.

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