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    Name: Kehshro
    Race: Human
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    Post by Neviux on Sun Aug 30, 2009 8:39 pm

    Character Name: Original Name- Keith Hoover Legally changed name- Kehshro

    Pronounced- (KEY-SHO-RO)

    Characters Gender: Male

    Character's Race: Human

    Alignment: Neutral

    Because of his youthful appearance Kehshro is, as one might expect, consistently considered much younger then he actually is making it difficult for him to easily enter adult only establishments and such.

    Kehshro dresses in a Sky Blue Hoodie that is adorned with a Black cartoon skull with bright Orange eyes, he tends to fold the arms of the Hoddie in so he can expose his wrists though that is merely because of habit. Kehshro usually wears a variety of lower body clothing including, though it is rarely ever used for obvious Fashion Malfunction potential, a dark blue kilt. Kehshro also never wears a pair of shoes instead wearing many different wrappings of bandages on his feet. Underneath his Hoodie he usually wears a black t-shirt of some kind.

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'2

    Hair Color: Blond

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Side Note: Kehshro's Ki takes the color of Dark Green.

    Short Version- Normal Kid, decided to travel after Graduation resulting in training.

    Extended Version- Kehshro was born and raised in a small farming Town located in Scotland. Kehshro was named Keith after his grandfather but preferred to call himself Kehshro and soon his family and friends adopted the name as a nickname for him. Kehshro worked on his family's farm for most of life, juggling the farm work and the school work he was assigned for the most parts of his life until he started in High School. Like the rest of young adults in the Town he was sent on a commute to the High School that was about three miles from the town and closer to the City. When Kehshro began High school he had no real friends and kept to himself for most of his life worrying like most adolescents about his appearance and social Standing and such.

    During his Sophmore Year Kehshro joined the Track Team and discovered that he had quite the potential for the 100, 200 and 400 Meter run and such attended Training each and every day after school. Kehshro was soon developing quite the bit of muscle and enjoyed the new found level of popularity his ability to run offered him. When Kehshro attended his first Track meet he won two First Place Ribbons for the 100 and 200 Meter Dash but lost for the 400 but still this boosted his Popularity more and more. Eventually when Kehshro was in his Senior Year his younger Brother joined his high school. However unlike his brother Kehshro's younger brother was happy with his lack of popularity and only aimed to increase the gap between them by joining less then reputable clicks.

    After Kehshro Graduated he went on a trip to Asia with some friends and met a Monk who offered to teach him the way to enlightenment. Kehshro agreed and had an epiphany thanks to the traveling monk and such followed the Monk. Along the way the Monk explained that he was a fallen Monk, one who had broken the guidelines and such was seeking redemption. During their Travels together Kehshro copied the Monks physical and Spiritual Training Regime though of course once the Monk began to let loose his Ki Kehshro could not follow. After roughly a year of traveling with the monk all across Asia Kehshro had learned Many things including how to manipulate his Ki into Energy Bursts and the ability of Flight through Ki. He visited his Family and is traveling by himself currently. During his Travels he lost his Scottish Accent and changed his name.

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