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    Son Gopaul, the "Fake Super Saiyan"


    Son Gopaul

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    Name: Son Gopaul
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    Son Gopaul, the "Fake Super Saiyan"

    Post by Son Gopaul on Mon Aug 31, 2009 7:39 pm

    Name: Son Gopaul (real name Ricky Gopaul)

    Age: 23

    Bio: Ricky Gopaul was born and grew up on a distant island, with only his parents for company as they owned a farm there. Life was peaceful and carefree, until Raditz arrived on Earth. During Raditz's search for Kakarot, he grew a short impatient rage and sent an energy blast down to the remote island where a 12 year old Ricky's family lived. The energy blast destroyed the farmhouse, killing Ricky's parents in it. Fortunately for Ricky, he was out playing at the time and was devastated at what had happened. This was a huge change in Ricky's life as he decided to venture out to the mainland using the boat his parents kept in case of emergency. It took a week for Ricky to arrive at South Island after getting lost on the way, and upon his arrival Ricky fainted on the docks. He was taken in and nurtured by one of the fisherman, who adopted Ricky after he learned of his plight.

    Years later, the Androids arrived on South Island, as foretold by Trunks. Ricky caught sight of the Z warriors fighting Androids 19 and 20, and decided to follow them via hovercar. He kept good distance out of fear of both sides, therefore he wasn't noticed. Upon seeing Son Goku turn Super Saiyan, followed by Vegeta, he witnessed the power of Super Saiyans and immediately rushed home to tell everyone. Unfortunately the other civilians of South City had not seen the fight and took Ricky's claims as lies. Upset by his friends' disbelief in him, Ricky left on his boat and travelled to East City.

    At East City, Ricky changed his name to "Son Gopaul" after one of his heroes, eager to start a new life. He saw the Z-Fighters battling Cell on the TV, and once again saw the power of Super Saiyan in action. Gopaul decided to follow the Z-Fighters from behind the scenes to stay away from the battles, but enough to witness what truly happened. He relayed these stories onto the children he befriended in East City, and made a wig to make him look like a Super Saiyan. Therefore he was dubbed "The Fake Super Saiyan".

    *Will try to elaborate and correct, but for now I need SLEEP.*

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