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    Post by Pokakaa on Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:57 pm

    Character you wish to be(name): Talic

    Characters Gender: Male (Asexual)

    Character's Race: Namekian

    Character's appearance (image):

    Age: 13

    Aura Color: blue

    Height: 6'0"

    Hair Color: N/A

    Eye Color: Blue

    Side Note: He has a normal namekian life span instead of the increased speed that Piccolo jr. had picked out by his father.

    Characters Techniques:

    Zuko Wave
    A Namekian move developed by Talic. He shoots a wave of blue energy (Always the same color as the eyes) that shoots out in a large wave of energy. Shot from a fist made.

    Black Bomb
    A Namekian move developed by Talic. Talic shoots out a huge wave that goes all directions and it appears black. Using this as a finishing move it can be quite devesating. Absorbing some of the power of Planet Namek he is able to shoot out negative energy from the planet. Good when fighting on the surface of Namek because it is easier and quicker to gather energy there.

    Planet you want to start on: Planet Namek

    Characters story:
    Talic is a young namekian boy who found a warrior out on the field. Talic took the warrior back to his villiage to heal, and after two months the warrior was much better. The warrior was a namekian fighter-type who started teaching after Talic found him. He taught Talic how to fight at age seven and he still teaches him today at age thirteen.

    Talic lives in one of the many villiages on Planet Namek. Like other namekians he does not need to eat but only to drink water. He is also well adaptive to the three suns circling around the planet and is like most other namekian fighter-types. He is the only fighter-type Namekian born in his villiage as most others are just normal namekians or soldier-typer.

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    Re: Talic

    Post by admin on Tue Sep 01, 2009 6:44 pm

    For your character techniques, make sure you have a back up training/roleplaying or whatever for it.

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