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    [Vegeta] Legendary...Super Saiyan?


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    [Vegeta] Legendary...Super Saiyan?

    Post by admin on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:21 am

    Quest Overview: Rumors has it that a legend has roamed around this land and born from this planet. Now, he ravenges the entire south galaxy which happened to spread word. King Vegeta is not happy about this and fears that this super saiyan will come back and haunt Planet Vegeta. As a saiyan warrior, you attempt to track down the saiyan, and kill him before he does anymore damage. Watch out, the legendary super saiyan can be very strong. The approximate powerlevel would be about 190,000 in it's base form. 600,000 as a LSSJ form.
    Rewards: +40 alignment, +10,000 PL

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