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    [N/A] Remnants of Frieza's Empire


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    [N/A] Remnants of Frieza's Empire

    Post by Melissia on Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:45 am

    Across all quadrants of the galaxy, there still remain pockets of Frieza's power, long since diminished due to Frieza's death but holding on to their conquered planets in hope that they, one day, will become the next Frieza and conquer the galaxy like he did.

    This quest involves finding out about one of these remnants and defeating them, freeing the inhabitants of the planet.  Only good or neutral creatures would even bother with this quest, as evil creatures likely wouldn't care what happened to the inhabitants of the planet(s). The creatures are undeniably evil and brutish, and the player may get help from some of the inhabitants of the planet(s) under their control, although it will be limited as they won't match the player or any of the minions or warlord in PL.

    The Warlord is an especially powerful and cruel individual, whom has at least one powerful transformation of some kind. When fully transformed, the warlord has a power level equal or greater than that of the player, while the Warlord's minions will have around one fourth (or less) of his strength, with one or more of them having powerful transformations and aspirations to replace their Warlord.  


    • Must be over 20,000 PL-- Frieza's warlords are not weaklings.
    • Must have a spaceship or be able to survive in a vacuum.


    • +20 alignment
    • +10,000 PL
    • +10,000 Zenny

    (Unsure about the rewards, those are a tentative suggestion)

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