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    [Earth] Poacher Fun/Stop the Carnage


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    [Earth] Poacher Fun/Stop the Carnage Empty [Earth] Poacher Fun/Stop the Carnage

    Post by Neviux on Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:09 pm

    This is a Dual Quest.

    Quest Overview:

    Poacher Fun- You have been hired by a Poaching Organization that collects the bodies of rare animals and sell said parts to collectors and people who enjoy devouring them. Your First assignment is to Collect the Tusk of a Elephant Gorilla. Large and stupid Elephant Gorilla's fur and skin is unbelievably hard when the Animal is stressed but very soft whenever they are relaxed. You will attack the animal from behind and kill it so that it's fur is soft. It's fur is always soft when it dies but it's better not to mess with this animal up front. It's pretty Strong. They reside in the Arcadian Jungle in Southern America.

    Elephant Gorilla- 15,000 Power Level

    Stop the Carnage- An animal protection agency has asked you to stop a Poacher from killing one of the last specimens of the Elephant Gorilla. The Elephant Gorilla is located in South America. Use the agency's South American Poacher Tracker to find the Poacher and stop him. But be prepared, he's pretty tough.

    Poacher- 15,000 Power Level

    Rewards: Poacher Fun- +1500 Power Level, +2,000 Zenni, -25 Alignment

    Stop the Carnage- +1,500 Power Level, +2,000 Zenni, +25 Alignment

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