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    veddys new bio



    veddys new bio

    Post by Guest on Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:10 pm

    Veddy's family+ friends," vich, vegetto, kehshro,amita, bardock+evil bardock, that is all on the site.

    Veddys apperance. Tail wrapped around waist, green gi with blue shirt underneath, Blue pants, brown eyes, brown hair, short hair, Hair style like gotens in GT.

    Bio: veddy is a banished saiyan. King vegeta banished him and his family for his softness towards others at age 4. Veddy almost got his tail removed but veddy ran from the place. Veddy snuck in a space pod with his brother but their parents were stuck and sent away to prison. veddy sent the pod towards earth. Veddy found adoptive parents their but remembers what happened so is looking for revenge against King Vegeta and Frieza! He also has a temper. If you anger it you could die! Very Happy

    Chatcter Techniques: green Ki blasta
    spirit rush( a rush where he hits a lot and then shoots a spirit blast that is about to miss then appears behind them and throws them in the blast)
    Powering up green aura
    spirit blast
    high power rush: in tenkaichi 1-3
    Super Spirit Blast= an enhanced version of Spirit BLast.
    Spirit Disc= A disc like destructo disc but can follow and is green
    Gallick Gun: A purplish beam used by Vegeta
    Kamehameha: A blue beam where you cup your hands together. Veddy learns it from Master Roshi.
    Gallick Blast: A gallick gun/ spirit blast technique. ( Like Final Kamehameha kinda)
    Spirit Kamehameha: A Kamehameha/ Spirit Blast technique. (Another technique fusion)
    Spirit Blast x10: An ultimate Version of Spirit Blast. 10x as strong as the original.

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