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    Lorra, Daughter of Destruction


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    Lorra, Daughter of Destruction

    Post by Melissia2 on Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:23 am

    General info:

    • Name: Lorra (like Laura)
    • Race: Majin-jin
    • Gender: Female
    • Skin color: Pink
    • Hair color: Slightly darker pink
    • Eye color: Blood red
    • Height: 3'8"
    • Weight: 50lbs
    • Power Level: 1000

    When Kid Bu was defeated and wished back, the Majin-jin race was created from the remnants of the power of the Grand Supreme Kai and the Supreme Kais that had formerly been absorbed by Buu. One of these creations was Lorra, a childlike pink creature whom was "born" on Earth, and began to live an innocent life there, hunting fish in rivers and lakes, and attempting to have fun with bystanders (whom were more scared of her than anything, as her power was startilngly high to the average human!).

    As in the picture in the avatar, a short pink female with slightly darker pink hair and a small antennae sticking out the back of her head. She dresses much the same as well, and honestly doesn't remember where her clothes came from to begin with-- perhaps they're actually a part of her body, or were created by her because she thought they looked cool.


    • Flight: Flies using energy pushed under the feet, like most Dragonball and Dragonball Z characters.
    • Ki Blast: Basic ki blast, easy to form and takes little energy at all. Hers are red in color.
    • Rapid Ki Blast: A large number of simple, rapidly delivered ki blasts, which are independantly somewhat weak, but the damage adds up.
    • Regeneration: Ability to regenerate lost body parts, with concentration and the use of Ki. Able to re-attatch bodyparts at a considerably lesser Ki cost.
    • Majin Blaster: Low Ki usage. Pink flamelike burst of energy from the palm(s), relatively short range but very quick to fire.
    • Majin Destruction Wave: Variable Ki usage. Pink beam of energy, power dependant on how much is charged into the beam.

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    Re: Lorra, Daughter of Destruction

    Post by Melissia on Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:31 pm

    I'm deleting this character, as I've just lost interest in her.  A new character will be posted soon.

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