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    [Earth] Ultra Divine Water


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    [Earth] Ultra Divine Water Empty [Earth] Ultra Divine Water

    Post by Melissia on Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:44 pm

    Korin's Ultra Divine Water is a risky thing to drink, potentially unlocking a person's inner strength, but also potentially killing them. Korin will not give this drink to just anyone-- only proven heroes may accept it, and only under dire circumstances.

    Such a situation has come up. A nasty villain is trying to wipe out the planet's population, and Korin knows that only with the help of the Ultra Divine Water can that villain hope to be defeated.


    • Good Alignment
    • At least 35,000 PL
    • Must have completed Korin's Training


    • PLx1.7 
    • Optional:  May kill the player (whom still grows stronger, but ends up in the Next Dimension)

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