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    Kage Bane


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    Name: Kage Bane
    Race: Saiyan
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    Kage Bane

    Post by Kage on Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:00 pm

    Identity: Kage Bane
    Race: Bio-Saiyan, Class Unknown
    Sex: Male
    Age: Unconfirmed
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 354lbs

    Current Status: Merciless

    Theme Song: The Tempest(The Siren's Song; The Banshee's Cry) - The Agonist

    Description: As one might gather from a glance at his stated height and weight, Kage is by far an overlooked figure. Height-to-weight he is proportionally correct. If not on the slightly heavy-side given the build he's retained over the countless years of bioengineered induced augmentations preformed on him whilst in his deep slumber. In lamen terms, Kage is big. His normal size equally comparable to that of the canon 'Trunks' in his foolish flight for power between the also canon, and infamous, Bio-Android named 'Cell'. Being of Saiyan descent, his hair is black, though in truth is a few shades lighter. Likewise, his eyes tinted obsidian.
    His normal attire is composed of a sky-blue jumpsuit, a white loose-fit tanktop, white loose-cloth pants, black leather boots, a second-layer white tunic stretching from his belt-line to just behind his knees, and black braces stretching halfway to his elbow. Also noticeable are the two silver-rings pierced one to each ear.

    Personality:Soon the rains will come to wash away the blood..The Empire walls will crumble into dust and the trees will retake their land... When all's said and done, the human race will only be but a mere footprint in the sun.. His personality is a misconstrued mix of his origins and his bloodline. Though anyone without the eye or mind to see it, will only see another Saiyan, unable to grasp the underlying layer of madness and insanity that is who he is. His stance is officially Chaotic Neutral..He makes no effort to define himself as good, however the well placed situation to allow him the oppertunity of fighting on the 'good' side for his own personal gain will be taken freely. Otherwise in all aspects he would be considered a Villain, Evil. A parasite that feeds not only from his own misfortunes and shortcomings, but also of those he's around. He is quite mannerful, holding a professional and civil image of himself at all times when not lost in the shrilling ecstacy of battle. On that note, his personality in a fight is almost polar opposite..While he flaunts intellectuality freely when he can, he is almost always predominantly focused on two thing. Strength, and power. It is in the nature of his creation, and rightly so this is all he strives to ultimately achieve.

    Bio: To grasp the history of Kage, one must look beyond him, and look at the end-life of his creator. A scientist, who's name has all but been forgotten by history. Employed by the cynical Dr. Gero and his Red Ribbon Army in its height of power and influence, he was part of the team that monitored and studied the attributes of the 'Z Fighters'. The team he was apart of would be the sole-creators, beyond the concept which Gero claimed credibility for himself, of the biological monstrocity named 'Cell'. This Scientist, however, struck by his knowledge of the amount of damage and destruction this creature would likely bring, and by his own worry-some nature of his family whom resided in West City, would take a step he'd inevitably come to regret.

    Obtaining seperate DNA samples gathered of the few Saiyans that showed on Earth, after seeing the power these individuals were capable of harnessing, this scientist left the confines and protection of the Red Ribbon he wore around his arm. Casting the cloth aside he made his way to his private estate plunged deep within the Himalayan Mountains. Here he set to work at a facility that provided more than enough means to replicate the process taking place by the hands of Gero. There, an individual was given a blueprint. Drawn a completely unique strand of DNA, brought to existance on an electronical screen before he even had a name. Given the discreet branding of 'Project: Shadow' the scientist began the process over again.

    Conjured and held in a cryogenic-stasis chamber capable of manipulating and applying the individuals growth and age, Kage was 'born'. Knowing though that creating a polar opposite of a monstrocity would likely draw attention, this Saiyan was given a seperate purpose. In exact 'Sleeper Cell'-esque style it would exist only to live. Make its own way, persue its own happiness. Or so that was his intention. Over the period of a half a dozen years the scientist secluded himself away from society, worrying and working only to complete his project. Given that his family had already been taken by his former employers, this was in truth all he had left. On the eve of the seventh year, however, his obsession of creating this being to counter the Bio-Android would catch up to him. And so would the Red Ribbon Army.

    Remnants of the organization had eventually tracked the mans progress and dropped in unexpectedly. Whilst huddled over his console overseeing the fake memories, fake family, and overall fake-life fed into the mind of the now early-twenties Kage, the wolves intervene. A few pints of applied plastique explosives and the steel door that sealed the facility from the regular household was ripped from its hinges. Without question or conversation the scientist was slain in a hail of gunfire. Unfortunately as state-of-the-art as the consoles were, they were not water proof. Blood seeps into the electrical wiring, short-circuiting the console that maintained the lies and the endless dream. It did not, however, render it unoperational... Instead, the perfect, peaceful lie the Saiyan was living, was distorted and twisted into a hell of a living nightmare..

    A nightmare that would last another seven years. That is, until a most destructive earthquake took place, shaking and nearly burying the entire home and its hidden facility. Caved in several boulders struck the cryo-chamber, rupturing its glass and liquid-filled internals and dropping the Saiyan to the floor. Untimely the nightmare he was 'living' had just ended the lives of the non-existent family he called his own. And in traditional saiyan-esque manner the consequences aroused within his conscience. In an exhilerating rush and display of abnormal power(compared to the normal inhabitants of earth that is), the house is leveled. What debris and rocks covering it vaporized into mere grains of dust. And the aftermath? A Saiyan who believes he's lost everything, when really he's never had anything to start. The only thing of the real-world he knows, is his name..Kage

    P.S. Pronounced Cage Razz

    Techniques: Both techniques he starts with are custom, and if objected will be edited to fit fairly.

    Tank(Energy Barrier)s: Kage is not built for speed, his speed is expected to come from future transformations..But it was not his creators intent(since his creator never knew of Super Saiyan or its advantages), he instilled Kage with the abilities to overcome any opponents speed, and then use his keen-favoring of power and strength to finish them. The technique Kage refers to as 'Tank', sees a glowing orb pulse from his figure. The energy gathered whilst this orb exists centers around his skin, helping to reduce(but not eliminate) pain, and damage taken. In return, the energy put into this defense move also causes some pain to any melee attacks landed on his body, hopefully helping to slow down enemies who might be too fast for him to allow his attacks to hit. This move is used by taking a stationary stance, and concentrating on bringing forth the moves desired effects.

    Gravimetric Destruction: This is a simple blast of ki, in the form of a ball. It is comparible to the Spirit Bomb, and Frieza's Deathball, but in power comparison it is much weaker. Its size varys depending on how much energy is put into it. And once set on a target, it moves(fast, but not as fast as normal ki attacks go) towards its target. This attack, however, repolarizes cells it comes into contact with, or travels near, thus making it magnetic to any object it approachs, and this magnetic pull increases the closer it gets. It is used in a manner similar to how Broly used Omega Blaster.

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    Re: Kage Bane

    Post by .LEGEND on Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:29 pm

    Create those techniques in an rp and you have them.


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