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    Troy...Future King?


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    Name: Troy
    Race: Saiyan
    Powerlevel: 39,000

    Troy...Future King?

    Post by Troy on Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:14 pm

    •Race: Saiyan, low-class

    •Gender: Male

    •Hair color: black

    •Eye color: One Black One Blue

    •Height: 4'0

    •Weight: 60lbs

    Troy is a saiyan born on the planet Vegeta. His mom and dad were both recently killed in a failed attempt to take over a planet called Kemo. Like any and every other saiyan, Troy loved to fight and was extremely good at it. Troy was born with the pl of 100 and was classified as a lower class saiyan. After learning from his father that he was graded and his future was decided before he could even walk made Troy always angry, mostly at King Vegeta. Troy lived his life to prove everyone wrong that ever said he wasnt as good as any elite fight....even the king. Troy is only 10 years old and is already the strongest fighter in his villige. And he would always tell people that he would soon be King...

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