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    Subo Zeron, son of Cooler!


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    Name: Subo Zeron
    Race: Alien
    Powerlevel: 4000

    Subo Zeron, son of Cooler!

    Post by Fenrir on Sat Sep 26, 2009 5:09 pm

    Name: Subo Zeron (Sue-Boe Zare-on, Pun of Sub Zero0

    Bio: Subo Zeron is the son of Cooler, abandoned for having a pathetic power level and because Cooler was too busy to raise a son. Cooler personaly put Subo in a space pod and blasted off to space. He landed on Earth where he had to live ruthlessly, causing his power level to spike up. He heard that Goku had killed Cooler and now he seeks revenge on Goku and then Cooler if he dies trying.

    Apperance: He is the spiting image of Cooler, causing many people to mistake the two for the same person.

    Other: Subo is still in his first form, somehow unable to transform to his next forms. He can also travel in space without a spaceship, a racial ability

    Subo's Super Forms:

    Second form: Power level boost: 2x requirements: 30000 pl

    Third Form: Power level boost: 2.5x requirements: 80000 pl

    Fourth Form: Power level boost: 3.5x requirements: 500000 pl

    Fifth Form: Power Level Boost: 5.0x requirements: 1000000 pl

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