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    History of Tatso


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    Name: Tatso
    Race: Saiyan
    Powerlevel: 1000

    History of Tatso

    Post by Tatso on Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:21 am

    OOC: Copy and pasted from a character sheet I was working on way back but never finished, personality coming soon along with other additional info.

    Name: Tatso

    Race: Saiyan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 6 feet
    Weight: 175 lbs

    Alignment: Good

    Appearance: See avatar / signature / scouter reading

    History: - The Great Escape from Vegeta –

    Tatso’s ascendants were the minority of elites who took Bardock’s warning seriously, being a bunch of superstitious people who were suspicious of Frieza already. A low class Saiyan predicting the destruction of Vegeta at the hands of Frieza was ridiculous, but after learning about the rumoured facts, it was very much believable. Bardock’s team had conquered Planet Kanassa, a planet rumoured to contain psychic powers, and then were later ambushed by Frieza’s men for being too powerful for their class, they believed Vegeta was next on Frieza’s hit list..

    The planet went into chaos once Frieza’s ship was sighted to be heading for Planet Vegeta, just like Bardock had predicted. There were mixed reactions to this, there were people who’d rather stay because they’d rather die with their home planet, or didn’t believe it would be destroyed in the first place. Those who were not or no longer solders of the Saiyan army went off and fled on the first space pod they could get their hands on, causing a major shortage of pods for the rest of soldiers who were mostly low class Saiyans.

    It was unfortunate that a few of these low class Saiyan warriors got mixed up during the chaos, they could not leave through their space pods of their class, they all had been taken already. With all the commotion, they were able to disguise themselves as elites. Since most of the elites preferred to stay, there were many pods available. These Saiyans ended up travelling to another planet with their elite counterparts, and were the initial cause of the events to come.

    - Tatso’s Parents, Shallotto & Selari –

    On this new world named ‘Planet Topato’ after the most powerful elite Saiyan who had migrated there, planet Vegeta was recreated more in favour of the elites now with the low class Saiyans presumably gone and no longer burdening them. As generations past, it is to be noted that there were a minority of ‘underachievers’ in each, and also that males were steadily growing more in population compared the females of the species. This became a problem for the future of the race, so a law was put to have all males go through a test in which their power level was tested once they were of age. If their power was not sufficient enough, they were killed off instantly. Luckily for females, they were put at top priority to survive, regardless of their power level.

    Tastso’s father was born and raised as a Saiyan Elite by the name of Shallotto, a typical proud Saiyan Warrior that came from one of the noble families of Vegeta and thus also on Topato. He was a fighter bearing the typical hair and amour of the elite which bears resemblance to the Vegeta family, with battle scars over his face along with a beard and moustache. His heritage and features he was most proud of, and lets nothing get in the way of that. He was cold and ruthless on his mission as he could not control his Saiyan bloodlust for battle, valuing the completion of missions over his comrades who he even killed if he deemed them too weak to be of any more use to him in future missions. Despite his, he holds his family in high regard and would do anything to please them.

    Selari, Shallotto’s mate that soon became Tatso’s mother was an elite class fighter too. Her personality in contrast made her a very caring person, prioritizing survival of her team which enabled them to completely their missions against even unfavourable odds by merely surviving and counterattacking. She started off in a low class family of ‘underachievers’ and quickly worked her way up to be an official elite from reputation, by completing very risky missions with her leadership and teamwork skills. Her past became confidential to keep her records clean upon her promotion, since the Saiyan Army was running short of more capable elite fighters to take on the harder missions, and she was a potentially mate for the males too.

    The two Saiyans just happened to be brought together during Selari’s first mission as am elite, and was indebted to Shallotto after he saved her life, though the noble had planned it all out in the first place when he had his eye on her. Since his family was pressuring him to find a mate, the Saiyan decided that was how she was to repay him. She was soon introduced and was well accepted into Shallotto’s family, his parents having high hopes for their grandchild to be. Shallotto’s parents even left a present for their descendent; a black styled Saiyan Amour of the elite without the shoulder guards which was to be put in baby’s space pod as a gift when he is born.

    However, Tatso’s power level at birth was shockingly one of a low class warrior to Shallotto’s despair, coming to the conclusion that something was suspicious about his mate. After telling her what he had seen, he forcefully demanded answers out of her. She confessed that she was not a pure blood elite warrior; she was born as a low class and was just recently promoted to the elite when the two met. She had been hiding the fact the whole time because she was never asked about her past, and begged Shallotto for forgiveness. Not wanting to embarrass himself in front of his family and planet, the matter was not to be spoken again. He let it slide for now, hopeful that his son would pass the test when he was of age.

    - Tatso’s First Ten Years –

    Tatso’s childhood was a tough one; at a young age his peers had noticed that he was weaker than the rest of them. Because of this he was targeted by the other kids and was bullied continuously, seeing there was no way he could possibly fight back, and too cowardly to even tell his father about it. He became a quiet child and would rather study ki over training physically like the others, due to his fascination over his ability to manipulate it better than others. Selari saw this among with personality traits covering more of her own than his father’s, the planet wasn’t fitting for either of them to live happily. His father would train him daily, but be disappointed every time in his progress, claiming that he’s too soft like his mother. It felt more like torture to the boy, but he was too unassertive to protest, just endured it with the knowledge he’d be back in his mother’s care at the end of it.

    Knowing at the rate he was going, Tatso was going to be killed when the fateful Saiyan qualification test came or by his father’s brutal training methods, Seiran tried desperately to find a way to escape. Her life as Shalloto’s wife had gotten much worse since the day he knew of her heritage, she became his slave more than anything else. He could make her do whatever he wanted, or he’d have Tatso killed with by use of his influence within the high ranks. She wanted to leave the planet as much as she wanted to, to protect her son.

    By the time Tatso was around ten, news of the legends of Kakarot and Vegeta had finally reached their planet, and there were investigations into finding out more about it on Earth. Space pods were being prepared for take off to the planet; Seiran saw her chance to escape with her son, hoping that the rumours were true. One night while during the hour where security was low, she snuck in with Tatso and travelled to Earth

    Shallotto didn’t bother to tell his subordinates to go after her, as long as she never came back to the planet, she was dead in his eyes. Using his influence, all investigates to Earth were cancelled after faking reports that the planet had been destroyed already. To cover everything up, he stated that his with and child had been killed during a ‘family mission’ on a planet which he had actually conquered by himself.

    - Life on Earth –

    After their landing on Earth, Selari destroyed the remains of their space pods. They travelled around the world as wanderers, and eventually sought refuge among the Saiyans, even though they didn’t believe where the two came from or their story. Most of these people thought themselves as evolved humans and superior to the rest, Selari was saddened that the hierarchy of the strong and weak was universally spread.

    Due to this, Tatso was toughened up to their standard by a less painful and effective means that Shallotto had done to his son. He still was able to continue studying ki under those who specialised it, but kept to training like everyone else, with a renewed confidence since he was ironically stronger than most unlike back at him.

    His mother took her role as a caretaker there for the children since she was very good at it; giving up on fighting as a whole,now that she no longer needed to fight in order to survive. Unfortunately she became ill by an unknown sickness when Tatso was around 18. Knowing her time was limited due to her sickness, Selari why his father was so harsh on him during training, and revealed her past and what kind of man his father was.

    Tatso was horrified about what he heard, but he didn’t doubt his mother’s words. At first he was angry, but then he was compassionate after realising his mother had gone through all she did for him. He stayed by her side until the day she died, she had recited her verbal will before then. Torn by his mother’s death, he left the Saiyans and went out on his own out of misery. It took him a couple of years to recover from his loss by seeing a professional about it on a regular basis, all the time he spent just living for the sake to making time pass by so he’d recover.

    - Present Day –

    He is now eighteen years of age, fully back to his old self after much progress, seeing life ina new light, Tatso sets off to broaden his horizons. With new goals in mind spawned by his mother’s will, the Saiyan wants to be what he and his mother wishes him to be: A warrior of justice, a protector of the Earth and its people, and a strong Saiyan despite being born a low class. He soon found his sense of justice being well served by becoming an initiate of the EPK, hoping to reach the higher ranks for self improvement.

    He has his own goals in mind though, the scholar in him wants to dig deeper into his fascination of ki and look for others who have the same ability and see what variations they have come up with. Along with that, he was to be the best martial artist, better himself, find his limits, and surpass them. His Saiyan heritage has him seek fights and become stronger from them, keeping his competitive side satisfied. He also wants to seek out people like himself, people with monkey like tails, who probably went a separate to his when Vegeta was destroyed, maybe he could learn more about his ancestry that way. He also intends to eventually find a mate, and be a great father unlike his own.

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