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    Silver Knights of Vegeta


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    Silver Knights of Vegeta

    Post by Melissia on Mon Sep 28, 2009 10:57 am

    NOTE: this alliance has yet to be formed in-roleplay.  It will be formed in a roleplay sometime in October.  I am making this post ahead of time to preserve my ideas in writing and to give people the opportunity to request that they join when the actual event happens.

    The Silver Knights of Vegeta

    Description: A Saiyan-only organization that works to better the Saiyan society and spread a less evil culture amongst Saiyans. Their symbol is a red flag with a silver symbol in the shape of Saiyan armor on it.

    History: A group of good-aligned Saiyan warriors whom have gathered in order to attempt to reform their society after having been under Frieza's control for so long. They work hard to spread knowledge of the proud history of the Saiyans, and reform Saiyan society to focus on the warrior aspect as opposed to the intergalactic bandits aspect that Frieza forced the society to focus on for so long.

    Alliance Ranks:

    • S-0: Saiyan Royalty
    • A-1: Pride
    • B-1: Spirit
    • B-2: Strength
    • C-1: General
    • C-2: Captain
    • C-3: Elite
    • D-1: Low-Class Sergeant
    • D-2: Low-Class Warrior

    Founder/Leader: Aleah Caea

    Alliance Members:
    A-1: Aleah Caea
    D-1: Numerous NPC Saiyans, leading a squad of four D-2s
    D-2: Numerous NPC saiyans, formed into squads of five (four plus a D-1)

    Leader's Orders: Exemplify the best and most virtuous aspects of Saiyan culture, as follows (in no particular order):

    • Defend the Royal Family-- it is they whom brought the Saiyans to where they are today
    • Uphold Saiyan pride-- Nothing is more despicable than a Saiyan whom has forgotten his heritage
    • Uphold your own honor-- a Saiyan whom becomes a monster is no longer a Saiyan, but a beast to be hunted down
    • Uphold the warrior spirit of the Saiyans-- never give in, show no respite and always seek victory
    • Defend the weak-- warriors whom prey on the weak are, themselves, weaklings
    • Teach the weak to defend themselves-- those whom cannot defend themselves are a burden to society
    • Become stronger-- always seek to better yourself so that you can better Saiyan society
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    Re: Silver Knights of Vegeta

    Post by Ultima Knight on Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:48 pm

    May I join when this Alliance is created?

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