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    Brotherhood of Crysis


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    Brotherhood of Crysis

    Post by Kage on Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:08 pm

    The Brotherhood of Crysis

    Currently Not Accepting Applications; Awaiting Establishment

    Description: As the name suggests, This is a Brotherhood of aligned individuals who strive only to better the Brotherhood and its members. The Alliance is Icly secret, the members only recruited through its Founder. Members take an Oath of Silence before being granted full rights to the Alliance. This Oath is that one will act and live without giving any attention to the Brotherhood. There are two types of Memberships. Active and Reserve. Active will remain with any Facilities/ships under the Alliance’s banner and act 24/7 as Devout Defenders of the Crysis Creed. Reserve Members take a more Sleeper Cell role. They are allowed to move and act freely, with no obligation or real allegiance to the Brotherhood other then the Oath of Silence. Reserve Members may request to be moved to Active status at any time, likewise any higher-tier Officer/Leader may Call any one particular member to Active Status. Calling all Reserve members to Active Status is a privilege held only by the Founder and any one particular Officer he chooses, and likewise in reverse, moving all Active to Reserve status.

    History: -Work in Progress-

    Alliance Ranks: -Will disclose when either another person is recruited, and/or when the Brotherhood is Icly started.

    Founder/Leader: Kage

    Alliance Members
    Active: N/a

    Reserve: N/a

    Leader's Orders: Not Available at this time.

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