Dragonball's Never-Ending Saga

Dragonball's Never Ending Saga!
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- No Character Registration. Once your logged in, you can start playing. All character information are stored in your profile--we also have a section for extended bios.
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Fans of DBZ bring you, a laid back free style rpg. In depth role playing is never required.

    [Earth]Red Ribbon's evil too


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    [Earth]Red Ribbon's evil too Empty [Earth]Red Ribbon's evil too

    Post by .LEGEND on Thu Aug 20, 2009 10:23 am

    Quest Overview: You black out and wake up and found your self tied to a machine. About to be taken apart and completely remade into a machine by your old pals. Red Ribbon, they could have just taken one of your arm hairs right? Well no they want to tear you open and put robot organs and bones inside of you. Basically they want the skin on your back break out and kill who is running this operation Bash. Who has taken your dna and turned himself into a bio android. I know how the fockers? His PL is at 56,000 it's going to be hard just beat him ok?
    Quest Reward: 15,000 PL
    Requirement:Complete you got a promotion quest.

    Thats the end of the red ribbon saga lol. Don't worry once you kill Bash no one from Red Ribbon will try to hurt you, and you'll still be able to get inside of the gravity chamber.

    Approved if you're wondering.

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