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    [Earth] A City Ruined


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    [Earth] A City Ruined

    Post by Xaryn on Tue Jan 05, 2010 12:11 am

    Quest Overview: Humans are weak. Their defensive abilities are petty and their forces almost laughable. When they panic they run away like a pac of frightened gazelles from a cheetah; There's no better way to make them panic than by taking down one of their cities. So, do so. Rid the world of many more humans and one more of their sad cities. It's not much of a challenge but there is a lot to be done, not to mention taking care of the fleeing humans afterward. It's a live shooting gallery and its highly enjoyable.

    Requirements: 200 Evil Alignment, 50,000 PL

    Rewards: 200 PL, 50 Evil Alignment


    If approved, this quest should be available to anyone who meets the requirements and is on Earth, obviously.

    Regarding the Alignment, I'm not sure if it's proportionated to how much evil alignment people have garnered or if its easy to get to 2,000. It should be a pretty decent sum as a requirement with a hefty evil alignment compensation, I was thinking maybe an eigth of what is required. PL wouldn't be too much of a reward but would be a notable requirement (I know 50,000 isn't too high but it's more than 20,000 heh) because you need a good amount of power to take out an entire [human] city, just to keep up destroying it, and it's not really testing your own power, so you wouldn't really gain much more [PL-wise].

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