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    Rieko Wakahisa


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    Name: Rieko Wakahisa
    Race: Other
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    Rieko Wakahisa

    Post by CellistBabe on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:29 pm

    NAME: Rieko Wakahisa
    NICKNAMES/ALIASES: Ri, kitty, Alice, cat and Neko no Taisho
    AGE: 5,018
    SPECIES: Demon (Feline Order)
    HEIGHT: 6’ 5”
    WEIGHT: 182 lbs.
    BIRTH DATE: 2882 AD
    HAIR: Silver
    HAIR LENGTH: mid-back
    EYES: Yellow with feline pupils
    SKIN COLOR: tan
    BUILD: Voluptuous, muscular, and somewhat chunky.
    PICTURE: (insert here)
    OTHER FACIAL FEATURES: Dark plum-colored stripes on cheeks and blue markings on eyelids
    CLOTHING DESCRIPTION: Often, she mostly wears solid-colored tank tops, loose fitting pants and ALWAYS wears high-top tennis shoes until they are completely worn out.
    JEWELRY: A gold, circular pendant with the engraved image of a scorpion.
    TATTOOS/SCARS: We’ll just say she as PLENTY of battle scars.
    OTHER APPEARANCE DETAILS: Pointed, elfin ears (not in picture) and a white, black-tipped cat tail
    DOMINANT CHARACTER TRAIT: Up front, she’s sarcastic, playful, witty and has a sharp edge to her words.
    SECONDARY CHARACTER TRAIT: She has a secret soft side that is kind and caring.
    Siblings: Mei Wakahisa

    Powers: Transformation and superhuman strength.

    Weaknesses: Emotionally and mentally unstable.

    Weapon: A large, purple-bladed sword covered in a volatile poison.

    Weapon Name: Sasoriza-ken (Scorpio’s Sting)

    Sees self as: A monster

    Is seen by others as: A rough stone in need of smoothing and polishing

    Sense of humor: Sarcastic, sadistic, and sharp.

    Temper: Very quick to anger.

    Basic nature: Defensive

    Ambitions: As she puts it, “To live.”

    Educational background: Several years of returning for high school and college education every 20 years or so.

    Work experience: Well… her favorites are anything in food services.

    Philosophy of life: Learn as much as you can. Intelligence is the only thing that matters in the end.

    Habits: Humming and tugging on her clothes in a distressing of uncomfortable situation.

    Talents: She’s one heck of a chef.

    Hobbies/pastimes: Cooking, running, training, reading, swimming, climbing trees, biking and anything else that has to do with the outdoors and being active.

    Choice of entertainments: A good book.

    History: Rieko doesn’t speak much of her past, and nor would she like me to reveal her dark secrets to you. If you really want to risk it, ask her yourself.

    Family History: The Wakahisa clan was always a small clan of Feline demons to begin with. As legend has it, Tanuki, Kitsune and very special cats have the ability to transform. It is said that Akihiko Wakahisa, the first of the Wakahisa clan, saved a cat from a tribe of Oni while he was on a hunting expedition. When the last of the Oni were killed by Akihiko’s amazing, demonic strength, the cat transformed into a beautiful maiden and thanked him for saving her life. As a token of her gratitude, she granted him and his posterity the ability to transform like she was able to.
    The Wakahisa’s were recognized by their pointed ears, tails and genetic facial markings. Other tribes of demons and Youkai respected them and kept their distance. That is until their homeland was consumed by wars and hatred brought on by humans, thousands of years after the Wakahisa’s were given their supernatural abilities. Like their fellow demons, their clan almost faced complete extinction. More and more centuries passed and the clan dwindled to practically nothing. Rieko is one of the few surviving members left.

    Personal interview with character
    (responses in her own voice)

    Occupation: Currently, I work as a chef at a local sushi bar.

    Current home: I live in a small apartment not too far from work

    Marital status: Believe it or not, I’ve been widowed several times. As of now, I’m single.

    Favorite pig out food: Cakes and pastries are my number one weakness.

    Every New Year’s I resolve to: To cure my tone-deafness and lack of rhythm!

    Nobody knows I am: Secretly a CIA agent… actually, I’m open about everything. No secret CIA agent here.

    I wish I could stop: I’m such a klutz sometime. I’d like to be graceful someday.

    I’m a sucker for: Kids and cats. Love ‘em.

    The worst part of my life is: Being me.

    I want to teach my children that: They should never eat yellow snow, nor wake their mother before sunset.

    The worst advice that my father gave me was: “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” So far it hasn’t happened yet and the results I get are never good. It worked for him though. Maybe I’m doing something wrong…

    I thought I was grown up when: Me? Grown up?! Never, ever, ever will I grow up!

    When I feel sorry for myself I: When I trip over my own two feet. I mean I’m a cat for goodness sake! I should be more graceful.

    Nobody would believe me if they saw me: If I wore a dress, it would be the end of us all.

    My friends like me because: I really don’t know why they hang around.

    My pet peeve is: Stupid people and stupid people who waste food.

    My major accomplishment: Getting my 4th doctorate in the last forty years.

    I can die happy when: When I’ve figured out my old boss’s secret ingredient in his house sauce for his Mongolian Barbeque place.

    I’d really rather: I’d really rather be skinny dipping. Clothes are for squares.

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