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Dragonball's Never Ending Saga!
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- No Character Registration. Once your logged in, you can start playing. All character information are stored in your profile--we also have a section for extended bios.
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- Simple, and Organized.

Fans of DBZ bring you, a laid back free style rpg. In depth role playing is never required.



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    Post by goforthandie on Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:41 pm

    Name: Frelza
    Origin: Fusion of Cell, Frieza, Cooler, and Super Majin Buu
    Age: 4

    -The Birth of true Destruction-

    The Z Fighters had saved the universe once again from Frieza, Cell, and Cooler. It was now time to conquer Majin Buu. After many death defying battles with Buu's different forms, Gotenks, the fusion of Goten and Trunks had defeated him. The warriors thought for sure that they had won. They had for a time. But while their previous foes were suffering defeat, they had met a strange being. He called himself a Kai but his ki was different than most Kais previous. The Kai was known as a Fallen Kai, a Kai who betrayed the Supremes to conquer Earth for himself. Lucily, Broly had brought him down before he could reign. The Kai offered Frieza a unique gift, like the Potara earrings only, these earrings allow the user to fuse with up to three different beings. Frieza accepted the gift, without the others knowing. As Freiza figured out how he would snap these earings on to the other chosen two, it hit him. He would convince them that if they put these earrings on, they would have the power to take down the Z Fighters once and for all. Little did he know, that would just that. One by one, Cell, Frieza, and Buu had put on the earrings as the Fallen Kai just sat back and watched them. Once all three has their earrings on, Buu and Cell looked at Frieza with doubt.
    "You lied to us!" Yelled Cell angrily. Buu took over with his empowering booming voice, "No one lies to Buu and lives!"
    As Cell and Buu charged forward to Frieza, it happened. The Kai laughed loudly as if he just conquered the world. With a bang, and a bright flash of purple, they were one. Frieza, Cell, and the Majin Buu had become Frelza. Frieza's brother, Cooler had seen this transformation and fled the area with fear. "It..it cannot b-be!" he yelled as he fled. Frelza caught the glimpse of Cooler running away and by Cell's instinctive behavior, he shot out his tail and started to absorb Cooler. Frelza was almighty. He jumped up rapidly and shot through the underworld. No one had done this since Broly's return. Frelza was back on Earth, back with the ones that had banished his ingredients for destruction. Now, it was time for his revenge. All of their revenge.

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