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    gohanza the human



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    Name: gohanza
    Race: Human
    Powerlevel: 1000

    gohanza the human

    Post by luis_louis on Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:25 pm

    weight:120 pounds
    ki shock- with twice his power he attacks everything around him withing 4 feet, but this also weakens him

    extreme assault- 10 basic melee punches, 10 basic melee kicks and a small ki blast to top it off

    star shot- puts his fingers in spider man formation and swings his arms twice firing 4 small star shape energy balls

    air wave melee- When he punches or kicks there is a invisible trail behind his attack. this last as long he can maintain his speed.this causes some serious fatigue

    He was inspired by the great tien and trunks when he started to train. he was the first one in the gym and the last one to leave, although he is very arrogant he tries to fight his hardest. His skills really aren't that great and it takes him a while to learn a move. but he challenged a fighter named general toa and that's when he learned extreme assault.

    Likes-food,girls,clipping fingernails
    dislikes-math,ear infections

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