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    Android #7

    Android #7

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    Name: Android #7
    Race: Android
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    Android #7

    Post by Android #7 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:39 am

    Name: Android #7/Jinzōningen Nana/Seven

    Age: Underwent "transformation" during her prime, at the age of 18.

    Height: 5'2"

    Weight: 400 lbs. (Due to the metal content).

    Gender: Undeniably female.

    Race: Android (Technically, cyborg).

    Power Level: Currently 1,000.

    - Android Barrier: A technique where energy is thrust out from the body in the form of a barrier with great force. The barrier can be used to both defend against oncoming projectiles and to expand and damage its surroundings

    - Energy Attack: the most basic form of energy wave used by androids.

    - Seven is fitted with a device that gives her a continuous and virtually infinite energy supply. This prevents her from becoming exhausted while fighting, and augments her power enough to make her a formidable opponent even for any of the surviving Saiyans. A skill which she shares with other android models is the ability to go undetected by ki signatures, as her power is substantiated by mechanics.

    - #7 cannot fly. It wasn't in her programming.

    - Has superhuman strength as well as superhuman speed.

    - A "side-effect" that not even Dr. Gero expected was that the condition of her blood prior to the procedure made a strange reaction to her bionic alterations, fusing with it and allowing Seven to quickly liquify and assume metallic forms. She can morph her arms into solid metal tools or bladed weapons, and flatten herself on the ground to hide or ambush targets.

    - Has a fast healing rate.

    Appearance: Although she stands a diminutive five feet and two inches tall, #7's weight would take many by surprise, being a whopping four hundred pounds! This is due to the metal which makes up most of her bodily content. However, one wouldn't be able to tell simply by looking or even touching her, for her outer appearance is strongly that of human - her former self.

    Her face is of delicate features - deceivingly fragile and porcelain to an unsuspecting eye; But #7 possesses a pair of soulless eyes which look down on anyone in contempt with their acidic green irises. Her mouth is small and certainly effeminate, but never will it crook into the slightest hint of a smile, and rarely even grimace.

    Her hair is as black as pitch and as straight as arrows; The length of it drapes just below the collar of her custom Letterman's jacket - an article of clothing she discovered on her person shortly after being "activated". On this, there is the bold number "7" above one breast, and on the opposite shoulder is a stitched patch of the Red Ribbon Army logo.

    The rest of her form is clothed in an apparel of a black collar bound around her slim neck, a tight fitting dress which stops below her thighs with a noticeable zipper streaming entirely through the middle of the front side, crisp white tights wrapping themselves snugly around her legs, and glossy black babydoll shoes adorning both of her feet.

    Personality: Before her transformation, it was believed that #7 could be described as a person who was easily content with everything else life had dealt her (with the exception being her life-threatening blood disorder). She was a studious sort, frequently keeping herself occupied with plenty of books to read. Having such a rare and hazardous condition further motivated her to absorb as much biological knowledge as humanly possible. However, this didn't completely dictate her persona - She also enjoyed a good laugh and favored anything that could accomplish such like friends, movies, and witty jokes. Besides, she had to have something to lighten her spirits when her disorder grew more and more severe.

    But in post-transformation, #7 is merely a pretty husk of her former self. None of her past interests or insight remained intact with her memory, leaving her devoid of any personal nostalgia, charisma, and emotions. When she looks to another, they will see nothing but a black hollowness within her pupils. There is no dazzle in her irises, and no flush of pink to her cheeks. She is now a cold and calculating machine - built nothing less than to deceive and destroy.

    History: Android #7 was what the Dr. Gero would consider to be one of his unfortunate "prototypes". She's also one of the unmentioned androids that Gero claimed to have destroyed due to various "malfunctions". Or so he believed...

    Seven was once, in fact, a full-blood human. However, it was her very blood that would lead her to her current, rather dismal state. She was born with an extremely rare blood disorder in which she had both hemochromatosis and hemophilia, simultaneously - Meaning that, not only was her blood hazardously excessive in iron, but it also could not clot normally. It had gotten to the point where Seven became severely ill from the iron poisoning, which in turn rendered her weak enough to risk serious internal bleeding.

    Having searched painstakingly high and low, Seven could not find a medical specialist to properly treat this. Either she left them absolutely stumped, or their medicines failed her, depressingly. But it was not much longer until a man by the name of Dr. Gero approached her, having heard second-hand of her dilemma.

    He proposed to her a turn-of-the-century procedure, one that had the potential to cure her by a groundbreaking percentage. All he needed were volunteers to further perfect it - But alas, such suitable candidates were so rare to come by. Hungrily desperate for an antidote, Seven hastily accepted, volunteering herself for his godsend of a cause.

    But conclusively, it was not medical progress she had received. Instead, with what felt as though it took weeks, Seven finally awakened to an operation chair with a wiped memory, and in its replacement was an agenda to assassinate a specific name. She also felt a dull sensation of hollowness within her being. It would've grossly concerned her - had she the ability to feel such.

    Seeing that she was now conscious, Dr. Gero approached her for meticulous observation. But something within her triggered, a malfunction that confused Dr. Gero with the person who he programmed Seven to assassinate: the Saiyan Goku.

    Eyes unflinching, Seven's hand swiftly flung up and from the wrist to the tips of the fingers molded a large spike appearing as though made from a liquid metal. And with this, she steadily aimed to jab him in the face. Dr. Gero, now equally startled, hurriedly went to deactivate her. In a matter of moments, Seven halted in place ending with her self-provided spike slicing through a steel counter.

    Dr. Gero was flabbergasted. With a breath of disappointment, the doctor took his "botched" project - stiff as stone and just as heavy - and placed her inside his compact chamber. He sealed the room shut and in a slow motion the walls began to close in. But as they smoothly inched closer, some circuit flickered "life" back into Seven.

    It didn't take long to realize what was unfolding around her, and just when both walls were about to touch her clothing, she swiftly morphed into a metallic puddle - thin as water, but the substance still ever so thick with her essence. She spread herself amongst the floor and could feel the bottom of the two walls brush over her and finally stamp together in a complete round of compression.

    Seven, still in her liquid form, slithered her way incognito up and out of the chamber, then exited the lab, entirely. Once she saw she was at a more than decent distance from the site, Seven reformed into her solid humanoid being, and progressed her escape via running at a superhuman speed.

    Even though she had freed herself from the tangible grip of Dr. Gero, it is clear that her programming was dangerously unstable. So much so that her initial purpose for creation was not only confused, but now scrambled from her hard-drive, altogether. With whatever experiences await her, her reactions will be nearly impossible to predict...

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    Re: Android #7

    Post by gotron228 on Tue Aug 25, 2009 1:52 am

    Wow I must say this is excellent, better than mine anyways...

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