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    Aleah Caea


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    Name: Aleah Caea
    Race: Saiyan
    Powerlevel: 137,220

    Aleah Caea

    Post by Melissia on Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:12 pm

    General info:

    • Name: Aleah Caea (ah-lee-uh cai yuh)
      Pun on the "Alliacea" family of vegetables.
    • Race: Saiyan, low-class
    • Gender: Female
    • Hair color: Dark brown, nearly black
    • Eye color: Black
    • Height: 5'8" (172.72 cm)
    • Weight: 167lbs (75.75 kg)
    • Hairstyle: Unruly shoulder-length, slight widow's peak
    • Power Level: 20,100 (as of the end of "Other-World Tournament" quest)

    Existed at first in an alternate timeline, where Vegeta was killed by Frieza along with the king. Aleah was born to a low class Saiyan whom managed to flee before Frieza destroyed the planet. Ended up on a planet in the Northern Galaxy called Caea, which was somewhat close to Earth. The mother accepted the position of the Guardian of the moonless planet, and was paid with food, shelter, and secrecy-- not wanting to tip off Frieza to her or her daughter's presence. Raised the daughter on a strict martial arts regimen, assisted by the lead martial artist of that planet, a secretive Caean whom had mastered ki manipulation.

    The Caeans had hoped that she would one day become strong enough to kill Frieza with their techniques. Instead, Frieza found out about their planet and arrived on Caea on Aleah's 15th birthday. Realizing that she was no match for the tyrant, the people of Caea shed their peaceful nature and pushed all their energy into Aleah's mother. She was forcibly transformed into a golden great ape and completely dominated Frieza. However, due to being an untrained lower class Saiyan, the woman was unable to control the energy and ended up destroying Caea along with Frieza and herself.

    In the final moments of the planet's life, Supreme Northern Kai saw this sacrifice, and as a reward for the noble deed forgave the mother of her crimes and sent Aleah to the current timeline, setting her upon the North Kai's small planet so that he could train her in the self control needed to ensure that she would become a fighter for good rather than constantly striving out of hate and a desire for revenge.

    Appears as a tall, sleekly muscular woman with unruly brown hair, and facial features similar to the average Saiyan female. Still has her tail, and a thin scar from the left side of her chin to the very top of the left side of her head, the end of which is covered up by her hair.

    Wears a set of black pants and a sleeveless red tee with Northern Kai's symbol on the back, along with black boots and gloves. All of these clothes were created by the Supreme Northern Kai, as her clothes (and even parts of her body) were almost entirelly destroyed in the final epic battle with Frieza during her timeline.


    Flight: Flies using energy pushed under the feet, like most Dragonball and Dragonball Z characters.
    Ki Blast:  Basic ki blast, easy to form and takes little energy at all.  Hers are red in color.
    Rapid Ki Blast:  A large number of simple, rapidly delivered ki blasts, which are independantly somewhat weak, but the damage adds up.
    After-Image:  Temporary but dramatic speed increase that leaves an after-image where the ability was used.

    Caea Beam: Low power usage. A general class of beam attacks, used by the Caeans. Beam issues from a single ilmb, with the nature, strength, and capabilities of the beam depending on which fingers are pointed out (if any), the rotation of the arm, and the shape of the fingers. The generic Caea Beam is nearly identical to a normal Ki blast, except that it is a long and thin spear of penetrating energy rather than a sphere, and uses a single finger. A Barrage Caea Beam uses all ten fingers, rapidly firing thin and fast beams at the target. With concentration, the beam's path can be changed slightly to follow a fleeing opponent. Similarly, if the user concentrates, the tip of the beam can explode much like a ki blast, although it will naturally explode if it is not powerful enough to penetrate its opponent.

    Solar Caea Beam: Low power usage. Palm turned up, index and middle finger pointed towards target. Arm can either be stretched out or bent close to the body. Gives the Caea beam heat properties, allowing it to burn an enemy or set them on fire.

    Caea Beam Blast: Medium power usage. Forms hand together with fingers touching (index to index, ring to ring, etc), and focuses energy into a ball between the palms. May be charged as long as the fingers stay together. Once the fingers separate, the ball may be thrown or shot towards its target, and explodes upon a mental command from the user or if it comes into contact with a living being or a hard surface (such as the ground, a building, and so on).

    Full-Power Caea Beam: Medium power usage. Points index and middle finger at the opponent, and charges up energy in the space between the two fingers. Energy shoots out at the speed of light, attempting to penetrate directly through the body of the opponent with pure force and speed, punching through armor and flesh like a mono-molecular-edged spear. The longer the attack is charged, the better penetrating power it has. Similar to a Death Beam when charged with enough energy.

    Crimson Ki Wave Medium power usage.  Explosive attack inherited from Aleah's Saiyan family. Forms a fist, and gathers energy into it, then opens her hand and points her palm at her opponent. Fires a red orb of energy three feet in diameter, which is shot at the opponent, exploding upon contact or on command. Similar to a Kamehameha in destructive potential. The actual name of this attack was lost along with Aleah's mother.

    Crimson Wave Blaster: High energy consumption. A quickly formed and powerful blast of energy, that unfortunately quickly dissipates. At point blank, it can easilly decimate an opponent or kill them outright, although if not used with care it will leave the user drained. It is formed much like the Crimson Cannon ability, but instead of forming a ball the energy is simply blasted forwards with as much force as possible in an attempt to disintegrate the opponent. An opponent caught in this blast is not knocked back by this attack, but instead is held still by the energy as it attempts to obliterate them. The attack, despite being powerful, is inefficient, and unless a great deal of energy is put into it, it will not have much effect.

    Crimson Cannon: High power usage. Finishing attack inherited from Aleah's Saiyan family. Gathers hands into fists on either side of the body, and draws energy into them, then pulls her hands above her head and transfers all the energy into one of her palms. Finally, she creates a concentrated ball of red destructive energy about the size of her fist and shoots it at the enemy. The attack travels remarkably quickly, and explodes with enough power to decimate a city (at higher power levels, it is enough to destroy entire planets or even force stars into novas). Destructive power may be enhanced by ki blasts, including from allies, causing it to change color slightly if their ki aura is a different color than red (such as turning pink due to a white aura, or purple due to a blue aura). The actual name of this attack was lost along with Aleah's mother.

    # of Posts : 263
    Join date : 2009-09-03

    Scouter Reading
    Name: Aleah Caea
    Race: Saiyan
    Powerlevel: 137,220

    Re: Aleah Caea

    Post by Melissia on Sat Sep 19, 2009 12:01 pm

    A few pictures. These are not original art (as should be obvious given the stylistic differences), they are edits of other peoples' images, with minor changes and recolorations.

    The first one was the initial picture I chose, but then I moved on to the second two-- I prefer the last one, but the second one fits the DBZ style better, and depicts how her Saiyan armor will look (when she gets it).

    Click on this thumbnail to see the older version of the third picture. I changed the tail so that it was golden as well as the hair in the newer version (see above).

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