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    Aculi, the lone tiger

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    Name: Aculi Ferwolf
    Race: Saiyan
    Powerlevel: 40,000

    Aculi, the lone tiger

    Post by Ultima Knight on Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:20 pm

    Name:Aculi Ferwolf (ah-cue-li fer-wolf, anagram of cauli flower with an extra f.)


    Tiger Ki Blast: Normal ki blast, but is black and orange to resemble a tiger.(very low ki usage)

    Power up: Aculi's ki is orange and black in standard mode yellow during super sayian 1-3 and black and white during super sayian 4

    Ki Sword: Aculi makes a sword using ki which is just like a normal sword.Power depends on how much ki you put in to it.Three versions, Cougar Sword (Fast but weak) Bear Sword (Powerful but slow) and Tiger sword (medium power and speed).Orange and black ki used.(Low to extreme ki used)

    Tiger Wave: A move similar to the Kamehameha wave but it is charged like a Final Flash.Orange and black ki used unless it is charged fully then it is white and black.(Low-medium to medium-high ki usage)

    Ferwolf Ray: A move only Ferwolfs can execute. It homes in on it's target, but can cause recoil damage when over used.

    Tiger Beam: A very fast, homing attack but pretty weak.Orange and black ki used.(Low to Medium ki usage)

    After-image Technique:The user moves so fast a after image is made.

    Flight:Read description.

    Bio: Aculi was born as a middle-class saiyian, his father a soldier for King Vegeta/Frieza. Early on in his life he showed incredible fighting skills, capable of firing a strong ki blast at age 4.In his teenage years he started going on missions
    prefering not to work with other people fighting with his tiger colored ki attacks, earning the title of "lone tiger".However he started having a consience, remembering all the people he killed.One day, on a mission to take over a planet, he was about to kill yet another person when he decided he wasn't going to take Frieza's crap anymore.As he flew back to planet Vegeta he planned to start a revolution, then relizeing the importance of teamwork.But when he got back to where vegeta was supposed to be, he saw.....nothing.No traces of the planet he was born in.Frieza had already destroyed it.He was nearly out of ki as the planet he had been sent to was very far away.The closest thing he could find was a planet that had many resources but no traces of life whatsoever.He vowed to destroy the person who had taken everything and everyone he loved from him....but he didn't know how to start.5 years later he
    managed to build a very crappy ship using the resources on his planet.It only had the strength to fly a moderate distance before landing.He took off looking for a lead on where Frieza was.He failed ot do this and crashed on Earth.His ship blown to smithereens he decided to explore this planet.

    Personality and miscelaneous:He is often victim to a case of split pesonality going from dark and cold to friendly and social, this means at some pint he may turn evil.He has a very strategic battle style always trying to get a feel for his opponent's battle style, very rarely making a first move.He has great skills with a sword, perfering double bladed swords.

    Appearance:He stands at about 5 foot 8 inches, with a strong body and broad shoulders.He has a gentle looking face with a scar from battle on his forehead.He has flat brown hair with one part covering his ear to some extent. He wears a white T-shirt with a black leather jacket with white ruffles on top. He wears black leather pants with matching shoes.

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