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    Petai, The Great Saiya-Jin Warrior



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    Name: Petai
    Race: Saiyan
    Powerlevel: 1000

    Petai, The Great Saiya-Jin Warrior

    Post by gotron228.2 on Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:13 pm

    Name: Petai (Named after the Petai Bean, it is a Vegetable of course)

    Age: 17

    Race: Saiya-Jin

    Eyes: Dark Red

    Clothing Description: He wears black pants, a Orange Undershirt, a Black Gi, Saiyan shoes, Saiya-Jin gloves and a Black Headband.

    Hair Description: He has very spikey hair like SSJ2 Gohan.

    Muscle Tone: Muscly but not to Bulkish

    Techniques At Point Of Creation:
    Power Up:Allows you to charge your PL to the highest amount you can go.

    Energy Blast:A simple Ki Blast which you fire from the palm of either hand.

    Bukujutsu:A basic technique which the user generates energy from his/her feet to enable them to stay airborne and/or fly.

    Petai was born a pleasant Saiya-Jin. His parents were one of the only people on Planet Vegeta which actually were nice and not vengeful. They didn't believe in violence or destruction of other planets. But one day when Petai was off doing secret planetary work. When he was heading back to planet Vegeta he witnessed Frieza destroying the whole race of the Saiya-Jins. This left Petai angry and corrupted. It had traumatized him so much he had had Amnesia. But this Amnesia led his eyes to go dark red with hate and destruction. He then decided to head to small planets and wipe them out then sell them to buyers for money. He saw that planet earth wasn't wiped out like it should have been so he decided to head there and destroy earth to help him ease-in his evil side.

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