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    [Vegeta] Becoming an Elite


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    [Vegeta] Becoming an Elite

    Post by Melissia on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:37 am

    You have fought your way to the top of the figurative food chain on Planet Vegeta. You now stand before King Vegeta, and he is ready to accept you within the ranks of the Elite. This roleplay is the ceremony where you swear fealty to the Royal Family, and he grants you your reward, and your family their status as Elite.


    • Must have completed "King Vegeta's Elites Tournament" as the tournament victor.
    • Must be a full-blooded Saiyan.
    • Must swear loyalty to the Royal Family (ergo, to King Vegeta and Prince Vegeta)

    Rewards: Choose two of the following.

    • Model-Z Saiyan Armor
    • Model-Z Scouter
    • Model-Z Saiyan Weapon

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