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    Canon Character Registration is Closed


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    Canon Character Registration is Closed

    Post by Melissia on Sun Oct 04, 2009 1:13 pm

    A vote was put up to completely remove Canon Characters except as NPCs to interact with. After one week, the result was four against removal, seven for removal. While the Admins discuss a way to do this fairly, canon registration is closed.

    If you play a Canon character, you have permission to do any of the following while we discuss it:

    • Make an entirelly new character, starting over completely (1000 PL, 500z)
    • Make a new character, but keep your stats, items, and abilities.
    • Request that your new character be given a different alignment befitting their personality.
    • Other possible changes-- requires approval by two rednames.
    • Wait until the admins come to a decision.

    This means that you may simply change your character's name and be done with it if that's what you wish to do, or you may change their name, race, and age. Or you may start over entirelly, or change their alignment, or anything in between, so long as it does not actually increase your character's power level (you have to earn that!). We know people do not want to throw away all that they have worked for, and so we are willing to work with players on this topic-- for example, the player might be able to reserve the right to roleplay the Canon Character as an NPC during an event (yes, we are planning them! But we all have lives, and so events have been temporarily delayed).

    To reiterate: If you have a special request regarding the canon character you've chosen, please PM me, and I will post your request as a discussion in the admin board.  We will discuss it and, quite possibly, approve it if it is reasonable.

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