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    Theran the last of my family


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    Name: Theran
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    Theran the last of my family

    Post by RudyDark on Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:46 am

    Age:I look around 20
    Race:Vampire (same race as dracula man from db tell me if that isnt okay)
    Appearance: Black/Brown hair, brown eyes, 5'10, not pale, slim n fit
    Apparel: Old light Plate Armor no helm(not like falling apart just old fashioned,
    light plate- just plate on sholders, upper chest, upper back, forearms, and front of thighs and legs,
    with normal dark cloth underneath)), a black cape with a worn out edge at about 4/5 the way down.

    Note on vampire in the dbz universe (if this is ok with the admins,
    also please change or tell me to change anything you feel should be)
    -I can die from normal things not just the stake to the heart(will probably still kill me), garlic, cross,
    or drowning?(still can kill me), or sunlight.
    -sunlight doesnt kill us though I need to rest a dawn for a couple of hours, and when in direct sunlight i cant hide my pl.
    -I cant turn into a bat or anyother animals
    -I cant mind controll people/glamor yet...
    -I do age just very slowly
    -I still need to drink blood just not everyday
    -can regenerate limbs but I need torso and head together and not be dead to do it
    (takes couple of days, or lots of blood sucking)
    -I can't turn people into vampires, cause i dont know how.(unless told otherwise by admins when I'm stronger)
    -can see well at night (not complete darkness)

    Ki blast- shoots ki blast only difference is it is black whith outline of dark purple
    power up- same just altered color to dark purple (a reflection or my inner dark gift(vampire-ism))
    V Bite- just something that allows me to drain blood from a victomz(has to be hepless/restrained)

    (borrowed these from http://infinitysrising.tripod.com/id11.html)
    Tears - Vampire tears are tinged red with blood.
    Glow - Strong emotions, like fear, lust, or anger tend to make lesser vampires lose their humanity. Their skin takes on a translucent, almost glowing quality.
    Saliva - Vampires have an anticoagulent in their saliva that keeps the blood flowing.
    Bleed - Vampires bleed almost like a person.

    years time are unimportant to us(vampires) we lived as soldiers to whom ever payed the most to our
    king, Lord Davion. Lord Davion, ha what a joke of a vampire sits all day on his throne commanding his followers
    to fight so he can live in luxury. There are now only around two dozen of us left, I decided it was time to end it.
    Avion(my older brother), two others(not important), and I (Theran) choose to attack him in the main hall while
    he was going to tell us of our next mission. We struck first Avion and the others grabbed him while I bit into his
    neck(if your wondering why drain him to death, it was to show that he was killed by his own people due to bad
    ruleing or wronging his people)once he started to weakon Avion took over and I help hold him down. He was slowly
    dieing if it wasn't for one of the others greedily starting to drink instead of holding him down we would have
    killed him without any trouble but when he let got our king through clear across the hall and with one free hand
    summoned a dark orb above him and let loose a large wave of energy. I could only watch as Avion and the others even
    the king covered by the blast of the orb it quickley expanded across the hall consuming the others who new about
    the plan but were to scared to participate. The Growing orb disperesed just inches from me, as i got to one knee
    I relized that was enough. I lost feeling in my legs almost instantly it spread up my body i couldn't tell what
    was happining I looked at my hands as i lost feeling in them, finaly i looked up at the king and my brother
    they were turned to stone. Finaly realizing what was happining I accepted my fate an closed my eyes.
    It seemed to only be a moment when I began to feel warmth again in my body, slowy i pushed my self up
    ran my hands over my face and opened my eyes.
    It was a while before I took in what I was seeing the hall seemed old and worn the banners were dusty
    the carpet a bit rotted from what I dont know, the only light was from the front of the hall one of the doors
    had fallen off. The king still there with one hand in the air, and my brother still on his neck only as statues
    I knew this spell(ki power) any living creature in it is turned to stone but not killed, slowly the return to normal
    usually begining with the strongest "unfortunately for you It didn't completely reach me". I lifted my hand across
    my chest after one last glance at my brother, I smashed them all three of them since they were to close to not
    hit one without the others.I looked around "the only who should have lived are dead,dead!". I left that place
    after I took care of the rest of my old family(the group).

    ah I hope this was good, I hope to get better at this.

    oh this is me and my brother avion(thx to vampireknight)

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    Re: Theran the last of my family

    Post by admin on Wed Sep 09, 2009 11:21 am

    Anything is okay as long as you have a weakness. xD

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    Name: Theran
    Race: Other
    Powerlevel: 25,000

    Re: Theran the last of my family

    Post by RudyDark on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:52 am

    Feeding I
    -when i drink blood it helps me regenerate light wounds though it takes away from my pl. not really that usefull till it becomes stronger.
    -when I drink enough to kill a person it returns my pl to normal
    -so if I kill someone to regen light wounds it doesnt affect my pl

    does this make sense if not tell me this is my first power

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    Re: Theran the last of my family

    Post by gotron228 on Thu Sep 10, 2009 3:33 pm

    Isnt that a bit overpowering. How about this.
    -When He Feeds in a battle it regains his Ki
    -The more he doesn't feed lowers his Ki which makes him weaker.

    I mean raising and lowering PL is kinda overpowering yourself because later on as you get stronger you can use it to your advantage.

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    Age : 30

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    Name: Theran
    Race: Other
    Powerlevel: 25,000

    Re: Theran the last of my family

    Post by RudyDark on Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:34 am

    no, sorry if i miswrote it gotron it doesnt change my base pl.
    just lowers it to a temp max(like from 1000 to 950 till i rest or feed alot) to heal slight wounds like a bruise or small cut, if i feed enough it wont lower my pl.

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    Re: Theran the last of my family

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