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    Adieumus Matango, a mind erased, a new mission found...

    Adieumus Matango

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    Name: Adieumus Matango
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    Adieumus Matango, a mind erased, a new mission found...

    Post by Adieumus Matango on Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:38 pm

    NameAdieumus Matango



    Character DescriptionStanding 6'2", weighing 205 lbs, Adieumus isnt necessarily imposing, but he IS in very good shape. Usually clothed in a black t-shirt, black cargo pants, and black sneakers, Matango is comfortably dressed. His icy blue eyes sparkle in anticipation of the next challenge he will come across. His twin tails, a byproduct of genetic altering on Planet Vegeta, wrap around his waist, usually acting as a belt, to prevent detection. His blonde, spiky hair, reminiscent of a super saiyan, is usually messy, and falling into his face.

    Character BioOne of the few that was able to evacuate Planet Vegeta before its destruction at the hands of Freiza, Adi was sent to a refugee planet, only to find it deserted as well. His ship sustained heavy damage in its re-entry, stranding Matango for some time. To pass the time, until he was rescued three years later, Adi trained in the high-gravity environment. He became an efficient, well-trained fighting machine, by doing so, the genetic altering done by the cruel scientists on his home planet.

    He had been born into the ruling family on Planet Vegeta, but due to his blonde hair, his family rejected him. They opted instead to make Adieumus' older brother, Vegeta, the throne. Adi was instead sent to a science colony in orbit, to figure out why he had the blonde hair, as opposed to the stark black of the family. Instead of doing this, the scientists there recognized that it was an evolutionary genetic change, one that could prove useful.

    Through countless tests, blood draws, and genetic markings, it was found that Matango, as he had been named by the scientists to guard his true identity and lineage, they found that Adi was naturally stronger, faster, and learned things more quickly than his other saiyan counterparts. By altering his DNA slightly, the research scientists had created a full-strength Elite, without but a quarter of the training needed for normal Elites. About two hours before Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, several escape ships were launched from the orbital facility, including one that Adi himself was on. This is the ship that crashed on the deserted refugee planet...

    After spending almost ten years on the backwater world, Adi had honed his skills to the utmost, and had become very skilled in martial arts. He had taught himself several techniques, including a specialized energy blast. After repairing his ship, using parts scrounged from the planet's former inhabitants, Adi was able to leave the planet. This is where the issues with the genetic altering truly manifested...

    On his way to Earth, after recieving a signal from another Saiyan vessel, Adi ran through an electromagnetic storm. The chemicals that held the genetic bonds together were affected, thereby almost erasing his memory of all he had learned, and locking his true potential away in his memory, and mind. Losing consciousness for long periods of time, Adi was in agony. His mind was torn, knowing that there was far more in his mind that he truly knew. He entered Earth orbit, and blacking out again, Matango crash landed in a stand of woods just outside of Flagstaff Arizona, in the middle of the desert....

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